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I often hear that the word on the street is that Cabinets by Trivonna is one of the more expensive places to buy cabinets.  Many people look at our beautiful showroom and draw that conclusion.  But there is some truth to the rumor.  There are two primary reasons why we might be more expensive than other design centers:

  1. We have a level of quality of the cabinet construction that we will not go below.  Thus, there are cheaper cabinets out there.  Today, you get what you pay for!
  2. Trivonna designs to “create a nurturing environment”, that is, she designs a kitchen that will function well for the family that will use it.

This month, we will look at the first reason – the quality of the cabinet construction.  In order to make a comparison, I will show pictures of our basic cabinet next to a typical less expensive cabinet.

First, the box construction – Our Bellmont 1600 cabinets are 5/8 inch, high density particle board (#1) vs. economy cabinets: lower density ½ inch particle board (#2).  Our cabinets have a solid top, and the top, sides and bottom are doweled and glued. The economy cabinets typically are held together with plastic corners and staples. The value of the Bellmont cabinet box construction is strength and durability. No wood product can stand up to a major flood, but the cheaper particle board can be severely damaged by a small leak.  Also, there is a greater tendency for hinges to come loose in the softer particle board.







Our drawers are made of plywood with dovetail joints (#1), vs. stapled particle board (#2). We use under-mount glides (#3), vs. side-mount (#4).








Notice the Plywood (#1) vs. particle board (#2), and the soft-close under-mount hardware (#3) vs. side-mount rail.  Once again, the value is strength and durability: The stapled construction will not hold up if drawers are slammed.







Bellmont 1600 cabinets are full-access (#1), while the economy cabinets have a face frame (#2). This, combined with the under-mount drawer glides results in over three inches more space in every drawer!  This increase in usable space is significant, especially in a small kitchen. In the simple kitchen design pictured below (with only four small drawers), that’s almost a cubic foot of additional storage space.   Notice also the value of full extension drawers (#3) vs., ¾ extension (#4) – You can easily see and reach items in the back of the drawer.




Finally, the full overlay doors of our product give a much cleaner look than the partial overlay doors of the economy cabinet line.  To see pictures of full kitchens showing this difference, check out our website. (You may have to look at before pictures to see the partial overlay look.)







For price comparison, we will use the typical “box store” 10X10 kitchen design. In this very simple kitchen, our cabinets would sell for $2650.  The same design in the economy cabinets would cost $1759.  But that is just the cost of the cabinets.  Add an inexpensive granite countertop (everyone wants granite or quartz these days) at about $1500-$2000.  Add new appliances ($1500 or more), a new floor and labor to tear out the old and install the new, some plumbing and electrical modifications, and the total cost of the remodel could easily be $15,000 to $20,000 (assuming the work is done by professionals).  When taking into account the quality difference in the cabinets and the total cost of the remodel, the $900 additional doesn’t seem like that much!

Next month, we’ll look at designing for function so that your new kitchen can be the “Nurturing Environment” that you desire.

Cabinets by Trivonna


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