VUE – Vision Uniquely Experienced: Providing Unique Eyewear And Compassionate, Complete Eye Care In Downtown Olympia


It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul.  Dr. Douglas Jeske of VUE – Vision Uniquely Experienced – in downtown Olympia may not look into your soul, but he and his staff take time to know you as more than a customer or patient.   The core of their business philosophy revolves around the idea that truly knowing a patient, from their lifestyle and activities to their health and family history, is essential to creating the best eye care possible.  And when you visit VUE, you will feel the difference.

Dr. Jeske may be a familiar name to many even though VUE is a relative newcomer to the eye care world in Olympia.  He opened his first practice, Tumwater Eye Center, in 1995 and continues to serve patients at this location.  Dr. Jeske and his wife Karen had a vision to expand his eye care practice to include a new location, with an emphasis on unique eyewear offerings, not available elsewhere in Olympia, while still providing their customary high level of personal patient care.

In April of 2010 VUE – Vision Uniquely Experienced – was born.  The location, in the New Caldonia Building on 5th Avenue in downtown Olympia was the perfect setting for the new business.  With a beautiful, well established building and a core of local merchants already in place, the location was perfect to help VUE become part of the downtown community.

When you first visit VUE, you will be initially struck by the beauty of the shop.  Rich with wood tones and natural accents, the space is welcoming and warm, as are the staff who greet you upon arrival.  As you look around the shop, the variety and uniqueness of the frame selection is apparent.   It would make even those with 20/20 vision yearn for a pair of VUE’s amazing glasses.

Dr. Jeske explains that the variety and quality is no accident.  “We want to provide eyewear from all around the world that are direct from the manufacturers and are more unique than you’ll typically find.  These are frames you’d usually have to go to Seattle or Portland for.”   One stunning line of eyewear carried at VUE, and nowhere else in Olympia, is Masunaga.  This high-quality company has been manufacturing their frames in Japan since 1905 and they are seen often on newscasters who favor their chunky and fashion forward look.  You can find a full listing of the eyewear carried at VUE on their website.

The selection of frames isn’t the only thing that is unique at VUE.  The service they provide to assist their customers in choosing the perfect frame is second to none.  Karen Jeske, along with an experienced staff of opticians, assist customers with eyewear selections.

“We give people a lot of feedback on frame decisions, but we also give them lots of space to make that decision.  If they need to think and come back again, that’s ok,” says Karen.

The staff understands that selecting eyewear is a big decision and should be considered carefully.  Not only is it a financial investment to purchase the perfect pair of glasses, but your glasses are the first thing people see.  They create a first impression more than any other accessory or item of clothing you might wear and the staff at VUE understand and take this seriously.   When assisting customers they take the time to get to know you and help to match your prescription, lifestyle, and budget with the right eyewear for you.

While their selection and service is exceptional in their optical area, it is the eye care provided by Dr. Jeske and VUE’s newest addition Dr. Dani Simpson, that are the real standouts.  Both doctors have an approach to eye care that might be unfamiliar to those who have received care at other optical providers.  “Health care is changing across the board and emphasis is being put on seeing more patients as reimbursements decrease.” says Jeske.  But the doctors at VUE see things a bit differently.  “Instead of having technicians do all the patient work up at our office, the doctors spend time listening to each patient to do what is needed to come up with the best prescription and course of care possible.  Much can be lost in translation between the different people who see a patient.  We aim to eliminate the variability by working individually with each patient.”

It is rare, in any medical field, to have a doctor spend that kind of time with a patient, really listening to their needs and designing the best course of care.  But, this is the core philosophy of the doctors and staff at VUE.  This commitment to others is carried forward in their involvement in the community as well.  They have supported students from Pope John Paul II High School at Arts Walk and are currently sponsoring the Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia Holiday Concert, “Brass Choir – An Americana Christmas.”  You can learn more about this wonderful event here.

Next time you are downtown and need to duck in out of the rain, stop into the New Caldonia Building and browse a bit in VUE.  Better yet, schedule an eye exam with Dr. Jeske or Dr. Simpson.  You only get one set of eyes and they deserve the best care you can find, and at VUE, the best is what you will get.  You will feel the difference when you walk in and it is the difference that makes them truly a unique experience not to be missed.


116 – 5th Ave SE, Suite J

Olympia, WA 98501


Tuesday – Friday 10am – 6pm

Saturday 10am – 5pm

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