Spark You Up With AdvoCare and “Paying It Forward”



Submitted by AdvoCare

AdvoCare is a family company, always making sure you and your family are healthy and strong.  As a family we are committed to being great friends and neighbors within our community. As some of you know our 5 year old daughter was sick for most of her life. In our struggles to keep her healthy and at times alive, our appreciation grew for those who stepped up to offer help. AdvoCare has been the company that has helped change our lives and their products obviously have improved our health. With our experiences we want to “pay it forward” by offering help to local non-profit organizations and sponsoring community events. We have been involved with great charities like Rebuilding Together, Cancer Relay’s, MIA Foundation, Free Cakes For Kids South Sound, Buddy Walk with Down’s Syndrome, the MS Walk and many more. Currently we have been focusing our efforts on a few charities that are working for the same cause. We are working with the Vintage 9 Foundation and the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association to bring the Legends of Baseball Vintage Showdown Charity Series here to Washington State. These events feature Hall of Fame baseball players coming to town to give to our community and work with and help underprivileged children.

Vintage 9 Foundation is a great place to learn and be a part of baseball. They do amazing things for charities that help children through organizations such as DHF. They put on the Legends of Baseball Vintage Showdown Charity Series around the country to help raise money for these children’s charities. Partnering with MLBPAA the MLB greats will be playing the game using all the rules, equipment, uniforms, and traditions of baseball from the 1880s! This will be a truly unique game for the delight of kids and fans. Kids will also get to meet and interact with MLB Hall of Famers.

DHF (Designated Hitter Foundation) is one of our own Washington children’s charities. The mission of the Brian Hunter’s Designated Hitter Foundation is to implement educational and athletic based programs that will educate and empower youth and families, while promoting healthy lifestyle.

In order to make this event possible we need help through sharing our flyers and information with the community and also through donation. We are asking for your heartwarming support and helping make this wonderful experience possible for all our local children!

Please see our fundraising website at www.FueledByAdvoCare.Org for more details.

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