Thurston Home Talk: Right Around The Corner



Submitted by Dwayne Boggs (Dwayne is a home inspector serving the Thurston County area home inspection market.)

Boggs tent in crawl
Dwayne Boggs encountered this tent in a home’s crawlspace, a surprise to him and the homeowner.

While conducting a normal inspection on a 1965 Duplex, I found basic cosmetic issues, roofing problems and a general lack of  maintenance to the heating  system.

But, just when I thought it was a routine inspection, I bumped into a big surprise.

While inspecting the crawlspace, which was over four-feet high, I turned a corner and ran right into a living space.  Someone had been living in a tent, in the crawlspace.  The person had even disconnected a heat duct so they could be warm in the cold winter months.  The home backed up to a greenbelt, so I suppose the person accessed the home by way of the greenbelt without being seen.

It was sad running into this situation.  But, it just reminded me again that I enjoy what I do because you never know what’s around the next corner.

About the Author

Dwayne is the former past President of the Washington Association of Property Inspectors, Dwayne is also a committee member for the Washington State Pest Management Association (WSPMA), Dwayne has been serving the Thurston County home inspection markets of Olympia home inspection, Lacey home inspection and Tumwater home inspection for many years. Boggs Inspection Services can be reached at 360-480-9602.


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