Local Kitchen Remodel: Cabinets By Trivonna – Creating A Nurturing Environment

olympia kitchen cabinetsSubmitted By Ross Irwin

In order to create a truly nurturing environment, a designer needs to fully comprehend what prompts a customer to want to remodel their kitchen.  When Trivonna first talked with Judy, she learned that Judy’s existing cabinets were somewhat dated and beginning to fail.  She also learned that Judy wanted to move from the “country look” that she currently had to a more sophisticated look.  olympia kitchen cabinets

As Judy and Trivonna talked further, Judy indicated that, as empty-nesters,  they didn’t need both a formal dining room and a breakfast nook.  More counter space would be preferred over room for a table and chairs.  (insert pics: “Before nook”, and “nook”)  As an added bonus, Judy’s husband could sit at the counter and still see the TV!

When Trivonna went out to Judy’s home, she noticed that Judy also had a butler’s pantry between the kitchen and the formal dining room.  This space was not well used.   Trivonna was able to open up that space and provide almost twice the usable storage. (insert pics: “pantry before” and “Rome B 10×8”)

olympia kitchen cabinetsThis remodel was expertly completed by Bob Clark of Home Resource Company.  The tile was installed by Steve Kleis of Luxury Stone and Tile.

As always additional pictures can be seen on our website.

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