Why You Should Come To The Local Energy Convergence Next Monday


By Ramsey Zimmerman

On Monday January 30th, two concepts converge:  “local” and “energy”.  If you want to save energy and save money at home, in your business, or in the way that you buy stuff, or if you just want to enjoy a good time with friends, food, drinks, fun, art and music, come out to the Olympia Center next Monday afternoon and evening for the Local Energy Convergence (www.localenergynow.org).

Two local groups are celebrating their customers’ recent success and presenting opportunities for more progress in this new year:  Sustainable South Sound’s Buy Local Program; and Thurston Energy, a joint program of the Thurston Economic Development Council and the Thurston Climate Action Team.

So what’s in it for you?

Save Energy and Save Money

Thurston Energy empowers people to use energy efficiency and renewable energy to save energy and save money in their homes and in their businesses.  The Buy Local Savings book has over $3,500 worth of coupons to local stores so that you can save money while supporting our local economy.  Dive in to these two concepts, and live a more sustainable life.

Learn How Others Have Done It

More than 600 homeowners and 100 businesses have worked with Thurston Energy, and around 4,000 people have gotten Buy Local Savings Books.  In the afternoon, the “Local Energy for Local Business” session will feature four local businesses that have taken successful steps to reduce their energy usage, save money on operating costs, use renewable energy, and offer their customers local discounts to build their businesses.  Hear and learn how they did it, and move your business along on the pathway to savings.

See Ideas Drawn into Living Pictures

Throughout the day, Claire Bronson, a graphic artist, will be drawing pictures and diagrams that capture concepts as living pictures.  If you are a visual person, or if you enjoy watching artists at work, this process of Graphic Recording will take the day to a whole new level.  Claire will also work with guests one-on-one during the evening to draw their thoughts, experiences and desires related to Local Energy.

Gather Tons of Resources

There will be nearly 20 resource tables set up by Sponsors that cover the gamut of ways that you can further save energy and save money on local goods, in your home, or in your business.  Sign-up for Thurston Energy’s HomePLUS energy evaluation services (with low price offers that will disappear soon).  Sign-up for a business energy walk-through from Thurston Energy or get assistance from the EDC Business Resource Center.  Get your 2012 Buy Local Savings Book.  Get information about saving water, reducing solid waste, composting food waste, and using transit.  Talk to contractors who can do efficiency projects for you, and folks who can install solar power for electricity or hot water generation.  Talk to local credit unions about financing new projects or buying more fuel efficient (or electric!) cars.  Everything you need to save energy and save money will be in one place!

The Afternoon is Affordable … the Evening is Free!

The afternoon business session starts at 1:30 and is only $30 to learn from local experts.  The evening celebration starts at 4:30 is free to friends of Thurston Energy and the Buy Local Program.

Celebrate Our Community’s Success

Get ready for a fun-filled evening.  By 4:30 we’ll be switching to the “Local Energy Celebration”.  Thurston Energy and Buy Local South Sound both know that the credit for their success belongs to the customers that have taken action to save energy and save money and build our local economy.  So come join that celebration!

Sample Lots of Great Local Foods and Drinks

There will be lots of great things to eat and drink.  Eat bagels from Bagel Brothers, pizza from Old School Pizza, smoked salmon from Sea-atco, fresh bread, pesto from Anne’s Pesto, fruit and veggies, cupcakes from the Bearded Lady and many other yummy things.  Enjoy wine and beer from Fish Brewing Company.

Bring the Family for Fun Kids’ Activities and Live Music

This will be a family-friendly event.  The Hands-On Children’s Museum is bringing a craft project for kids to learn about energy in a fun and interactive way.  Games from Wind Up Here will be on hand for older kids to play.  And throughout the evening, a local band will play rock and blues favorites.

Bring Friends and Colleagues and Meet New Ones

So come out to the Local Energy Convergence and bring your friends that might want to save energy, save money, and have a fun evening.  It will be a great time of celebrating recent accomplishments, looking forward to more great work in the future, and just plain enjoying the evening!

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