Acme Fuel Company Keeping Thurston County Warm Since 1925

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A piece of Olympia history stands at 416 State Ave NE.  The Acme Fuel office building has called this address home since 1925.  The original office building was delivered to the site by a flat bed truck.  While their services have changed with the times, starting with delivering sawdust, firewood, and coal to now filling propane tanks and installing and servicing furnaces, service has remained a cornerstone of Acme’s business model.
Acme Fuel was founded in 1925 when a local sawmill noticed a need for home delivery of sawdust and firewood to keep Thurston County residents warm.  “My grandfather worked for the mill when it spun off Acme Fuel.  He then worked as a salesman for Acme Fuel before buying the business in the early 1940’s,” states business Vice President Christophe Allen.   Christophe is the third generation Allen family member to run Acme Fuel.  “We are basically the only local fuel delivery company left.  Our customers benefit from our 24-hour service and our commitment to keeping you warm,” stated Allen.


acme fuel“My grandfather was the Mayor of Olympia from 1968 – 1976 and we have continued a tradition of staying involved in the community,” commented Allen.  Customers of Acme will appreciate the hometown business that supports Providence St. Peters Hospital and South Puget Sound Community College along with a variety of other organizations.  Acme is also active in the Olympia Master Builders Association, Olympia Downtown Association and the Association of Washington Businesses.  “And, we now have the fourth generation of Allen kids attending Olympia High School so we like to support their sport teams.”

Acme also focuses on being a great employer.  During the peak winter months, Acme employees 18 people.   “Some people like to have their summers off so they drive for us during the winter.  Other seasonal drivers are off-duty firefighters,” explains Allen.

acme fuel olympiaWhat’s Next for Acme?

Allen states that Acme will continue to look for business opportunity that tie into their current services.  Acme currently delivers heating oil and propane to Thurston County homes.   “We hate high oil prices because it’s more expensive for our customers,” said Allen.  Acme also offers furnace installation and repair and has grown its gas station business by accepting credit cards and expanding its network to permit fleet credit card customers to purchase gas at other stations within the CFN network.

Behind the Acme office is the redevelopment on the Port and East Bay.  Next door are some delicious smelling food carts.  “All these changes are positive and make a difference.  We hope that the new Museum will really kick some things off,” commented Allen.

acme fuel olympiaWhen asked what advice he would give to a new business owner, Allen replied, “Give the best service you can.  Be nice to your customers.  Make your customer feel good for doing business with you.”

Allen recounted a story about an appreciative customer who spent 10 days stuck in rural Thurston County during a snow storm three winters ago.  “Our customer said that the garbage and mail services were suspended due to impassable roads but our fuel truck showed up on Christmas Eve and filled her propane tank.  That’s our priority – keeping people warm.  One way or another, we will get people heat.”



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