Why use a Mortgage Broker versus a Bank, A Credit Union or a Mortgage Bank


When customers call me I get the question, why should I use a mortgage broker instead of a bank, mortgage bank or credit union?

My answer is almost always the same:

1)      I am not an employee of a bank or credit union, I own my own company and I work for you and all the answers to your file rest with me not someone behind the scenes.

2)      There is only compensation for me if I work hard and get your loan closed, I do not have a salary which makes me more motivated to work harder on your loan.

3)      I have many banks to choose from and I’m going to shop them FOR YOU to make sure my rates and fees are competitive.

4)      You will not have to worry about the process moving forward because I am high energy and in today’s lending environment you need this!  Someone who goes to bat for you and works diligently to get through the many obstacles you may and a lot of times will be facing.    Many people have come to me to buy their home or refinance their home over the last 10 years because of my ability to communicate consistently and my diligence on moving your file forward.   Clients who watched me through the process have been very happy with my level of energy and persistence as well as providing proper guidance during the course of the transaction.  Borrowers that were considering me but did not use me sometimes had experienced problems like  “our docs didn’t come out on time”  or “we didn’t close on time and it was not a great or pleasant experience to deal with our lender”.   Fortunately after 10 years of lending these customers who did not use me and had less than desirable results referred their friends and family to me after they closed because they weren’t treated like they thought they should be.

5)      I do not represent the products of one organization, I represent many and can package your loan and send it to the right bank after I have provided a financial needs analysis.

6)      I can deal with lower credit scores better than other mortgage lenders, most institutions have their credit scores and guidelines set, but not with me, being a mortgage broker allows me to fit you into unique situations that will allow me to better provide a multitude of options for you to consider.  Some banks have overlays, these are additional bank conditions that make it harder for you to get a loan.  I know which banks have a lesser amount of conditions and overlays making it an easier process for you.

7)      Currently I have over 13 banks that I can use and an example of a few of these are:

a)      Network Home Loans

b)      Impac Funding

c)       Eagle Home Mortgage

d)      Icon Residential Lending

e)      Sierra Pacific Mortgage

f)       Wells Fargo

These are just a few wholesale lenders that being a Mortgage Broker I have the opportunity to lend with!

Give me a call, there are more benefits to working with me than I am able to articulate here.  I have been a Broker for 10 years , I am driven, competent, diligent, persistent and most of all FUN to work with and I’ll make sure you have someone on your side to help you through the mortgage process. 

That is my commitment to you! 


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