City of Olympia News Release – Light Up Olympia


Date of Release:     October 26, 2010

Released by:          Kerry Tarullo, Associate Planner

City of Olympia, Transportation




The City of Olympia is running a campaign promoting bicyclist visibility during the darker months, called “Light Up Olympia.” On two random days in November, volunteers will staff stations on popular bicycle routes, handing out free lights, reflective straps, and safety information to passing cyclists.  Thanks to the participation of some local bike shops, coupons for discounted bike lights and helmets will be provided to cyclists.

Bicyclists put themselves, pedestrians, and motorists at risk when they ride at night without lights.  Bicycle lights help make cyclists visible to others and help them see the road or trail ahead.  Many people do not realize it is illegal to ride a bicycle after dark without a light.  State law requires that during the hours of darkness every bicycle must have a white front light visible for 500 feet, along with a red reflector visible for 600 feet.  Red blinking taillights are recommended in addition to the reflector. 

The City of Olympia encourages all cyclists to increase their visibility during the winter months.  At the stations we will help cyclists obtain lights either by giving them a free one-LED light set or a coupon for discounted lights at participating local bike shops where cyclists can choose a light for themselves.  Participating Olympia bike shops are Bike Tech, the Bike Stand, OlyBikes, and Old Town Bicycle.  A coupon is needed to obtain a discount.

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