Olympia Roadway Striping (10/13)



On Wednesday, 0ctober 13, 2010, crews will be out painting new edge and center lines, and bike lanes on major roadways through town. Work schedule is from 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Roadways to be striped include:

· 4th Avenue

· Boulevard Road

· Capitol Way

· Downtown core

· Fones Road

· Henderson Boulevard

· Lilly Road

· Martin Way

· Morse Merryman Road

· Pacific Avenue

· State Avenue

· Sleater-Kinney Road

· Wiggins Road

· 18th Avenue

Please be aware this schedule is tentative, as crews cannot paint in cold weather or rain.

Don’t pass the paint truck: Public Works crews will have a “trail vehicle” with a sign warning motorists not to pass the paint truck. It is important to stay three car lengths behind the paint truck and the trail vehicle, to give the paint time to dry. Rick Knostman, Signal and Signs Supervisor, relays, “Not only will the motorist be tracking freshly painted lines, they also run the risk of their tires “kicking” the paint up onto their vehicle.” If you do pass the truck and get paint on your vehicle, rinse it off immediately. The paint is water-based and will wash off if done right away.

Questions? Call Rick Knostman at 360.753.8438.

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