Classic Capitol Forest Mountain Bike Ride


Mountain biking this time of the year in the Capitol Forest provides some of the best riding in Washington and Oregon State. On a daily basis there is a consistent stream of local riders headed to the Forest. I am always frustrated when I show up in a unfamiliar location, say Post Canyon in Hood River a few years back and have no idea where the locals like to ride and what loops are best. So here we go on directions to Fall Creek and one of my all time favorite loops with the assistance of information provided by Friends of Capitol Forest. (

Getting to Fall Creek
Download the below map which is a large file with a lot of detail however you will be able to zoom in on the ride below in great detail.

• Identify Fall Creek on the map (located just off the STATE label on the map)

• Note – Drive past the Fall Creek Campground and park in the parking area about .5 miles past campground.
• The start of the ride is in the parking lot in the upper North/East corner

The Ride (10 Miles overall ride, 5 miles moderate climb, 5 miles of fast downhill) 2.5 hours including drive time from downtown Olympia

For the first quarter mile it is a windy, wide and very easy ride on compact dirt.
Take a hard left at the T and head up trail #8

Trail #8 is a gradual climb with some steeper sections but overall it is an easy climb up to trail #50.

Once you hit the intersection with Trail #50 take a hard right and head across the ridge on a bit more technical trail until you hit Trail #6 – about 1.5 miles. (At this point turning around is an option and provides an intermediate descent back to your starting point)

Take a hard right on trail #6 and you are riding the classic downhill section, which many people shuttle, in the Capitol Forest. Trail #6 is more technical and requires solid bike handling skills although walking is an option – but not recommended.

The Friends of Capitol Forest have planned rides on Mondays and Wednesdays. See the below link for added information.

Enjoy your riding and be safe!

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