Save Salmon, Save Orca, Save Money

July 8, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – July 9, 2018 @ 8:00 pm
Nisqually Reach Nature Center
Samuel Kaviar

Sam Kaviar will give an introductory talk on the natural history of Orcas in the Salish Sea. He will touch on Orca ecology, their ecotypes and evolution, their social behavior, the history human-orca interactions, conservation concerns for Orcas, as well as the updated regulations regarding watching them.

This talk can serve as a preliminary talk for the Talk on the Snake River Dams the following evening by Jim Waddell for folks who wish to understand Orca concerns prior to Jim’s presentation

Sam Kaviar is the founder and owner of Kayak Nisqually, a sea kayaking ecotourism company. He worked for 5 seasons as an expedition kayak guide in the San Juan Islands, the primary summer home range for salmon-eating Orcas. He has also conducted research as Fulbright scholar on endangered pygmy sloths in Panama, and worked as a researcher for the USGS studying the Nisqually delta restoration. He also serves as a caretaker for the Nisqually Reach Nature Center.

On July 9th: Snake River Dams for Salmon and Orca
Jim Waddell will give a presentation on the state of the 4 Lower Snake River Dams, their impacts on salmon and orcas, the prospects for restoration and the potential impacts on the Nisqually Reach. Jim’s bio is at the end. There will be a meeting of the Nisqually Reach Aquatic Reserve’s Citizen Stewardship Committee with refreshments after the talk which attendees are welcome but not required to attend. Dam Sense

6pm Jim’s talk begins
6:40 Q&A period
7pm CSC meeting starts

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