Olympia Area Oyster Seed Planting: Last Daytime Low Tides of 2020 Next Week!

September 18, 2020 all-day
South Puget Sound Shorelines
2017 East Bay Drive
Olympia, Wa
Dan Mazur

Now is the LAST CHANCE to plant oysters in 2020 as the LAST daytime low tides of 2020 begin this Saturday 12th September and continue through Saturday 19th September. Thank You Very Much for telling all of your family, friends and neighbors! Greetings from your neighbor Dan Mazur and the All Volunteer Olympia Oyster Seed Planting Project. It has been a challenging year with the Covid 19 virus and the recent wildfires and smoke. We hope you are doing ok. Now we have different exciting news about planting oysters. The LAST day time low tides of 2020 are next week 12-19 September and we have a small stock of oyster seeds ready to plant, complete with grow bags, stakes, rope, and everything ready to grow. The price includes our volunteers delivering the seeds and planting on your beach, or at the location of your choice. We also have separate seeds if you just want us to reseed your existing bags. It has been a hot dry summer and now that we are seeing the end of the drought, its a good time for us South Puget Sound Lovers to get out and plant oysters to keep our water quality high, and enhance the beautiful marine environment in which we live! We would be glad to speak about this more on the phone if that helps: 360-250-3407. If you are ready to order oysters, please let us know. We accept payment by check or credit card. If you would like to U.S.-mail a check, there is still time, as we won’t begin planting oysters till Tuesday 15 September, and today is only Thursday, so plenty of time for the U.S.-mail to arrive. If you would like to use a credit card (many of our participants do), you are welcome to telephone with your card info, or use the oyster order form and U.S.-mail it or email it. Or, drive past my house at 2017 East Bay Drive where I have a locked mailbox on the fence in which you could drop your order. I have enclosed the order form below. Can you see it? Please let me know what other questions/ideas you might have, thanks for telling everyone and for your interest in keeping our Sound Healthy and planting oysters! Thank you very much. Yours Sincerely, Dan 360-250-3407
ps. We are trying to get as many people as possible involved in planting oysters in time for our 12-19 September 16th Annual All Volunteer Olympia Oyster Seed Planting Project. Here is the flyer below. Please let us know if you would like us to mail the flyer to you, or to anyone else you can think of. If so, please email their addresses, and I will get it out right away. Thanks! -Dan

pps. Here’s the flyer. Thanks for your interest in the oysters!
Page 1:

16th Annual All Volunteer Oyster Seed Planting ProjectSaturday, September 12th – Saturday, September 19th My name is Dan Mazur.  My family and I live on East Bay, enjoy Budd Inlet and work together with volunteers and friends to make Puget Sound cleaner and healthier. Once upon a time, our tidewaters, beaches, tideflats, and shorelines were healthy & filled with oysters. Did you know? One oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water per day. Not only do oysters clean the water, they remove nitrogen that causes algae blooms and red tides. They promote eelgrass survival and provide an enhanced habitat for all marine life.For 15 years, we have been working with more than 160 Olympia area households to distribute and maintain reusable oyster growing bags of approximately 100 oyster seeds.  The bags are made of strong black plastic mesh of about 2 by 3 feet and are staked down to the beach. Please see photos on other side. These one inch baby oysters need to mature inside the bags to a size that won’t be eaten by seagulls, approximately 4 inches, which can take up to 2 years. Adult oysters promote further spawning of new oysters which naturally cling to nearby tideflats, beaches, and shorelines.Please Note: Oysters in South Budd Bay are NOT to be eaten, but are planted to treat pollution of past years and waste treatment.The Process: We prepare grow bags, with 100 oysters in each, and rope and steel stakes already attached at my residence. We deliver and plant seeds and bags at the location of your choice. Bags that have mature oysters are unloaded and reseeded on-site at the beach. Delivery to your chosen beach or tideflat, planting and reseeding, are already included in the price. If you don’t want or need us to go to your beach, we can prepare grow bags to be picked up by you, and you can also pickup seed only. If you dont own your own beach, we can plant your oysters in a good spot where you can visit them whenever you wish.Volunteers are involved at all points – organizing mailings, bagging oysters at my home, transporting, anchoring on the shore and refilling older beached bags. Donors may be those who have private beaches and/or “Oyster Supporters” who want to see shorelines planted. We’ve sown approximately 150,000 seeds to date.______PLEASE CUT OFF, COMPLETE, AND RETURN THIS FORM TO ORDER OYSTERS FOR PLANTING AND RESEEDING.. THANK YOU FOR GETTING INVOLVED!!______Order Form/Volunteer Sign-upDEADLINE FOR ORDERS: 14 September !![ ] ____  I wish to order grow bags with 100 oyster seeds. Price includes delivery and planting @ $47.50 each (sales tax included).  $10 discount if you pick up and plant your own bags!
[ ] ____  Sets of 100 seeds only for reseeding. Price includes delivery and reseeding existing bags @ $23.50 each.[ ] ____  Sets of 100 seeds (you pick up at my house) @ $19.50 each.[ ] ____  Please place my oyster seeds at this location:  ____________________________________________________.[ ] ____  Place seeds at location chosen by volunteers.[ ] ____  Enclosed is my check payable to “Dan Mazur”.    [ ] ____  I’d like to use my credit card.  Please telephone (360-250-3407), email, or write your card details here:Number __________________________________________Expires  _____________Name___________________________Address__________________________________________________________Phone number__________________________Email address_______________________________________________[ ] _____  I want to volunteer!!  Please let me know how I can help.Thank you for caring about Good Water Quality in our Sound!!Mail/Contact:  Dan Mazur,  2017 East Bay Drive,  Olympia, WA  98506.  Phone: 360-250-3407. Email – danleemazur@gmail.com

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Follow us on Facebook – “Olympia Oyster Seed Planting Project”Please go to our page to see photos of oyster plantings, interesting videos, articles and news stories about oysters.Thank you for being one of the more than 160 Olympia area households, who, over the last 15 years, have planted more than 150,000 oyster seeds, replenishing and encouraging our natural gifts of surrounding salt water habitat.  Our South Puget Sound is kept clean by shellfish naturally filtering the water.  1 oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water per day, reducing red tides and algae growth, as well as promoting eel grass survival and fish habitat. An interesting 10-minute video about how oysters grow and benefit us may be found at www.OysterVideo.org .Some of our members are tideland owners, while others live near the shore. Some just want to lend a hand.  We greatly appreciate the support of local families and friends who make an important contribution to planting public and private “oyster gardens” that benefit this wonderful region. Your hard work and financial contributions keep our waters healthy.

Planting oysters in reusable grow-bags on South Puget Sound tidelands.
Tiny baby oysters on left grow into large adult oysters on the right.Thank you for your contribution to help our South Sound thrive, and please ask all of your family, friends, and colleagues to join us!
Covid-19 Corona Virus: Important Notice to all Olympia Oyster Seed Planting Project Members. The Covid-19 Corona Virus has been a tragedy for our community.  NEVERTHELESS..,
OUR PROJECT IS GOING FORWARD, 100%, EXACTLY AS PLANNED. We will be following the Washington State social distancing guidelines. Continuing our work of the last 15 years, we will be delivering and planting oysters on shorelines and beaches, in new bags and plantings, and also reseeding already existing plantings (cost of delivery and planting / reseeding is already included). You may wish to pick up your orders at our home. Please call / email ahead so we can make everything ready for you. The payment and order deadline is 14 September. Please be sure to get your orders in right away, so we can plan our delivery and planting / reseeding routes. Thank you very much from all of us at the Olympia Oyster Seed Planting Project. 360-250-3407, danleemazur@gmail.com , 2017 East Bay Drive NE, Olympia, WA 98506

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