Harbor Days-Olympia Maritime Heritage Self-Guided Tour

September 24, 2020 all-day
The Whole Month of September
On Foot or Online


Harbor Days at Home – Encouraging maritime displays in our neighborhoods as a sign of hope!

We are so sad that we cannot bring Olympia Harbor Days to you this year.  However, we hope our community will make the 2020 festival come alive with the maritime theme in your own yards, windows, porches, even cars!! Use lights if you want – It is getting darker as summer ends so let’s brighten up our nights from now through the holiday season.

Create a maritime theme display using items and holiday supplies you already have at home.  We would like to create a map of display locations so others in our community and participate in this physically distanced activity and drive by safely to view the displays.  Register your home soon on the form below so our map can be updated, or select anonymous as we want to count all who participated.

And be sure to send a photo of your display to info@HarborDays.com

  • Use cardboard to build a tugboat, an anchor or a set of oars.
  • Use a trash can as the base of a light house
  • Draw pictures to put in your windows
  • Break out your stash of holiday decorations to add sparkle and lights
  • Get an old boat and fill it with flowers (or pumpkins or Christmas trees)
  • String lights to the peak of your roof and make a sail boat
  • With the holiday season around the corner set up a ghost ship with Pirates, or a tugboat with Santa towing a Christmas tree
  • Review photos above for ideas and inspiration


LEGO® TUGBOAT BUILDING AT HOME                                                          SPONSORED BY HERITAGE BANK

LEGO® Tug Building at Home – take a photo and email to us at info@HarborDays.com or post them to our Facebook page – Olympia Harbor Days.

  • Build a tugboat out of LEGO®s
  • View photos and video if you need help or ideas  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy94Siq8g5I
  • Learn the parts of a tugboat below
  • Watch videos on what tugboats do
  • Learn the parts of a tall ship and build a tall ship if you want

No matter what age, everyone loves LEGO®s!  Those who have been to Olympia Harbor Days in the past few years have seen our LEGO® Harbor Build and may have built a tug or tow. Now is your chance to get really creative and build one or a whole fleet.

Not sure how?  Watch Captain Dan, our LEGO® Man, explain how to build your tug including the many special parts of a tug (above).  At the end of the video he shows more photos but here are a few to get ideas from.

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