AJB Landscaping and Fence Services offers everything you could want for your residential landscaping and fencing needs. From pouring concrete and creating irrigation systems to installing retraining walls, pavers, sod and synthetic turf – if it’s landscape related, they do it. In addition, they install all kinds of fencing to meet any need – containment, decoration or privacy.

AJB Landscaping
Aaron Bordon, owner of AJB Landscaping & Fence Services, loves to spend time with his wife Meghan and their two boys, who can’t wait to operate big machinery just like their father. Photo credit: Alison Meliah Photography

“My favorite part is going out and meeting new people and then collaborating with them on their estimates to provide the best experience we can,” shares Aaron Borden, owner of AJB Landscaping and Fence Services. “That by far outweighs any other aspect of our business.”

What makes them stand out from other services companies is their passion for their customers and the service they provide. “We really care about our customers and it shows in the reviews we get,” Borden explains.

Have a landscaping or fencing project on the horizon? Get to know Aaron Borden and what his company can offer you. To learn more, read the ThurstonTalk profile stories below, visit the AJB Landscaping & Fence Services website, follow them on Facebook, or call 360-789-3707.

Landscaping and Fencing Services

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