It’s spring and Melanie Bakala at State Farm says this season means more than enjoying blooming daffodils. Remember spring cleaning indoors? The same yearly spruce-up applies to your house’s structure. Bakala says homeowners should give their house a maintenance check-up after the winter’s snow, ice, rain and winds.

Melanie Bakala at State Farm says spring is a great time to inspect and clean gutters, attics, air conditioning systems and garages. Photo credit: Melanie Bakala State Farm

Home insurance is just one way to protect your residence. Bakala says another is for homeowners to perform four spring tasks:

  • Unclutter gutters
  • Inspect the attic
  • Check the HVAC
  • Clean the garage

Unclutter Your Gutters to Protect Your Roof

“Living in the Northwest means having needles on your roof, especially after winter,” says Bakala. “You need to keep your roof clean. A clean roof extends the life of your roof.”

Gutters and roofs can hold debris and standing water, causing rot under the shingles. Moisture can also invite pests that damage homes. Take time now to clean those gutters.

grey-haired man on a ladder looking at a roof of a house
Home insurance is one way to protect your residence. Another is to clean the gutters and do other maintenance tasks each spring. Contact Melanie Bakala at State Farm for more home protection insurance information. Photo courtesy: Melanie Bakala State Farm

Inspect the Attic to Keep Your Structure Sound

Clogged gutters can also cause water to leak into attics. Bakala says check your attic for leaks, musty smells, insulation levels, poorly sealed vents and insect or animal infestation.

Check the HVAC Before Summer Heat Arrives

Don’t wait until summer to see if your air conditioning unit is operating. Bakala says spring is the time to check your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC).  Filters should be changed every 30-60 days. And clear the unit of debris, inspect hoses, and consider hiring a qualified professional for a tune-up.

Clean the Garage to Remove Unnecessary Items

Maybe you let clutter accumulate in your garage this winter because it was too cold to clean it. But spring means you can keep the garage door open to see what you really need and what you can store elsewhere, toss or donate.

For example, lawn care tools and equipment and gardening supplies that you often use can stay inside. Things you should not store in the garage include extra fuel, or some paints or home improvement chemicals.

Learn More Spring Home Maintenance Tips from State Farm

For additional tips for homeowners on spring home maintenance, check the State Farm website. To contact Bakala and her State Farm team for a free quote or more information on home insurance, call 360.426.2428 (Shelton) or 360.972.7905 (Lacey).


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