Pro Soccer Hits Thurston County with Oly Town FC Thanks to Proud Sponsors Like Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates

The Oly Town Artesians Women's team huddle with USL W League Player Development Coach Rachel Ross. Photo courtesy: Oly Town FC

Even in our modern day, milestones are still happening in all aspects of society. This year, Washington state sports will see a major achievement with Oly Town FC soccer team, Oly Town Artesians, as USL soccer breaks ground in Thurston County. Along with bringing professional soccer athletes for men’s and women’s divisions to the local level here in Olympia, this soccer franchise is also featuring the first ever USL women’s soccer team in Washington state history. Thanks to local sponsors like Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates (FASA), Oly Town Artesians has been able to support aspiring professional athletes while bringing competitive soccer to Thurston County. Oly Town FC is grateful for local support, so be sure to check out the season schedule online and save your seat at upcoming games, or become a fellow partner to support their efforts.

Group of Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates employees standing outside a building
FASA’s Tacoma Team and Thurston County locations are thrilled to support Oly Town FC. Photo courtesy: Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates

Oly Town Artesians Breaks into the National Soccer Scene in Olympia

There is a great deal of pride that comes with local sports teams, which is why the Oly Town Artesians has been such a special addition to the community. The club was originally founded in 2014 by Brandon Sparks as an arena soccer team playing indoor soccer, and was purchased by Ryan Perkins in 2020. As the fan base and player talent grew, Ryan saw a unique opportunity to transition the team into the next tier of soccer and decided to sign the team into USL soccer. This niche league is designed strictly for division 1 soccer players and attracts high caliber athletes from around the world. “It is a great option for college students that cannot be paid to play soccer while under scholarships,” explains Ryan. “We also see a lot of professional athletes rehabbing injuries before returning to their teams, so there is a good mix of top talent from around the U.S. and internationally.”

USL2 Men's Head Coach Liviu Bird standing outside a capital building
Oly Town FC has exceptional coaches, including newly signed Head USL2 Men’s Head Coach Liviu Bird. Photo courtesy: Oly Town FC

With Oly Town FC as a USL soccer franchise, they now have both a men’s team that signed in January 2022, and a women’s team that signed in September 2022. The new women’s USL team is particular exciting as this will be their inaugural year with the season launching in May. The Oly Town Artesians women’s team is the first ever USL women’s team in the state’s history, marking an incredible milestone for female athletes and the world of soccer. Their opening game is being held on Mother’s Day at South Sound Stadium, a great opportunity to celebrate mom and women’s sports alike. “We are inviting the players’ mothers to walk their daughters out at the game, so it will be a really special day to kick off women’s USL soccer,” Ryan shares. This is quite the accomplishment in not only women’s sports but sports across Washington state, and is a game you won’t want to miss.

Local Sponsor Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates Promotes Thurston County Sports

Without the fans and sponsors, Oly Town Artesians wouldn’t be what it is today. “An organization like FASA really embodies community,” says Ryan. “If there weren’t business sponsors like them to support us, we truly wouldn’t exist, so these families and players wouldn’t have the opportunity to see a USL soccer franchise in their hometown of Olympia.”

The partnership between Oly Town FC and FASA started in 2021 after Ryan had reached out that summer about sponsoring the team. They immediately felt a connection to the mission of community Ryan was creating as he built the organization up. “It was a really good fit from the beginning,” recalls Jayden Gilmore, FASA marketer. “I had played goalkeeper in soccer growing up, so we hit it off really well and talked about what we imagined with this partnership.”

Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates white tent with a FAFSA banner at a sport event.
FASA has loved supporting Oly Town FC since 2021 and is looking forward to doing more in the season to come. Photo courtesy: Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates

Ever since then, FASA has been a strong supporter of the Oly Town Artesians to help bring Ryan’s dream closer to a reality. “We have done booths at the games to talk to fans and share things that are going on,” Jayden says. “We also did a seat cushion pad for the outdoor summer tea, which was pretty cool since it made the games more comfortable and enjoyable. We are so excited this year to be able to do more and sponsor even bigger stuff.”

There are so many needs they have as an organization to provide their players, coaches, and fans with the sports experience they desire and deserve. If you are a local business looking to make a difference and support this incredible community team, you can fill out a form online or email to learn more.

Hayden Crowley standing in the middle of a road at night with her left foot on a soccer ball
Hayden Crowley, Forward for University of Washington, is one of Oly Town’s first USL Women’s League Signing of 2023. Photo credit: Nate Burgher

Gear Up for Soccer Season with Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates

With Oly Town FC spearheading professional soccer here in Olympia, it is an exciting time to get involved in local sports. FASA is here to help support athletes of all levels through various foot and ankle services. Get ready for your summer and sports season with FASA, and be sure to head out to the stadium throughout the year to support the Oly Town Artesians.

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