Submitted by City of Lacey

The City of Lacey (City) invites its water customers to participate in the National Mayors’ Challenge for Water Conservation. Through the end of April, the City’s water utility is engaged in a friendly competition with communities from across the nation to see which one can become the most “water-wise.” Residents can take part in the challenge by signing a water conservation pledge at the my Water Pledge website.

“As a leader committed to efficient use of natural resources, I fully support participating in programs such as the National Mayors’ Challenge
for Water Conservation. This campaign helps bring awareness to the importance of preserving Lacey’s valuable water resources and promoting conservation, which is the most cost-effective mechanism for sustaining affordable water rates,” said Mayor Andy Ryder. “I encourage residents to join Deputy Mayor Miller and me by taking part in the challenge.”

Participants from winning cities will be eligible to win prizes, including the grand prize of a Toyota Highlander Hybrid for a charity organization in Lacey.

The National Mayors’ Challenge for Water Conservation is sponsored by the Wyland Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving water resources. For more information, please contact Lacey Water Resources Specialist, Linsey Fields, at 360.486.8707 or waterresources@ci.lacey.wa.us.

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