Our region is growing fast. Industry reports show that in May 2021, housing prices were up 21% over the same time last year and many residential properties sold in only five days. At the forefront of this exciting market are tireless real estate professionals, like the brokers at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Northwest Home Team. If you or someone you know is looking for a fast-paced career, their sales team is expanding throughout Thurston and Pierce counties.

Jessica Poulos, co-owner of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Northwest Home Team, is looking for new brokers to join their vibrant team. Photo courtesy: Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Northwest Home Team.

Jessica Poulos wears many hats as Realtor, designated broker and co-owner of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Northwest Home Team. She explains that this year they will be opening up several new offices in Pierce and Thurston counties. Therefore, they are looking to double their 36-member team. They’re hoping to hire brokers, not only that are licensed and in good standing with the State of Washington, but that have “experience in real estate or a field that relates to real estate or sales,” she explains. “We offer incredible training for our seasoned and new brokers. We want everything that comes out of our office to be top notch. We do not settle on customer service.”

With a hot 2021 housing forecast, Poulos and her team maintain a simple driving goal. “It is the mission of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Northwest Home Team and its associates to serve customers and clients by creating ‘wow’ experiences through any and all real estate interactions while providing the highest quality, innovative and exceptional real estate services available anywhere in the South Sound area.”

The Thurston County housing market is hot and brokers help residents buy and sell with confidence. Photo courtesy: Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Northwest Home Team.

They provide this experience by supporting their staff, office team and agents in many ways. Management offers marketing support, peer-to-peer mentoring, lead generation, education and training, leadership, coaching and accountability, brand awareness, administrative support and client data management tools. This maintains their core vision to, “never settle, persist in the meticulous delivery of unparalleled service and expectations, and—no matter what—do it all better than anyone else.”

Amanda Sampson was a broker at another firm for two years where she closed a total of three transactions. She was on her own and didn’t get the help she needed. “After making the switch to BHGRE Northwest Home Team, my business increased by 600% in just 9 months,” she says. “I sold 17 homes! And not only that, the leadership and training was phenomenal, says Sampson.”

Poulos, along with husband and co-owner Steve, started Northwest Home Team Realty in 2017 and merged with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate in the spring of 2021. As designated broker, Jessica’s responsibilities are reviewing contracts, training employees and day-to-day operations. Steve is head of their booming new construction business and oversees planning, marketing and building every home and neighborhood represented by the company. But, he explains, his “main goal is to build high quality homes and to develop well-laid out and beautiful neighborhoods to improve the community.”

If you’re looking for your first, latest or forever career, consider joining Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Northwest Home Team. Photo courtesy: Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Northwest Home Team.

Whether selling new or established units, Steve and Jessica always focus on helping others. They don’t look at it as selling homes but as serving families both near and far. Even, perhaps especially, those on their team. From the Christmas open house—complete with cookie decorating and visits from Santa Claus—to their donations to the Thurston County Food Bank, participation in the communities they serve is always a joy.

Other officewide realtor events include bell ringing for the Salvation Army, a wreath silent auction during the holidays, a golf tournament, an organized day of service where staff participates in service projects around the community, and the fan favorite annual realtor’s softball tournament.

Joining the broker team is like joining a big, happy, softball-loving family. Photo courtesy: Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Northwest Home Team.

“It isn’t coincidental that ‘Team’ is in the name of our business, because we truly operate as a team,” says Jessica. “Some would say we are a great big family. The best part is that we actually enjoy being with each other, and often times can be found spending time together whether that be in small groups or as a whole. Regardless of the size of the gathering, you will always hear laughter and words of encouragement. We enjoy celebrating birthdays, playing softball, bowling Monte Carlo, working charity events and so much more.”

Such a warm, welcoming setting does wonders. “Working in a positive environment and having fun amongst peers is a must for growth and success,” says Poulos. “Here we strongly believe the creating and maintaining a positive culture results in higher production. Our agents have positive attitudes and are always willing to work together with fellow agents and staff alike to help elevate our business.”

If you’d like to join the team or find out more, contact Jessica directly by calling 360.529.0992, ext. 700 or sending a message through her online portal. She’s always happy to discuss next steps in home buying, selling or becoming a valued part of their dedicated staff.

With home prices on the move and new properties being built everywhere you look, the Thurston County housing market is predicted to rise as much as 10% in 2021, doubling the historic 5% mark. So much action equals an exciting time for our region’s brokers and real estate professionals. If you’re looking for a new or forever career, give Jessica Poulos and her team a call today.


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