Submitted by Westport Winery

Westport Winery has released two vermouths for summer fun and sipping in the sun. Vermouth, while technically a wine, is most often enjoyed in elegant and adventurous cocktails. Mixologists can make a classic dry martini with Mer Sea or elegant Manhattan with Grace Sea.

Mer Sea is a dry white vermouth with peaks of grapefruit, coriander, grains of paradise, orange, juniper, and cubeb pepper. Grace Sea is a sweet red vermouth anchored in local cranberries, lavender, rose, orange and vanilla. Winemaker Mark Bosso said, “This was an incredibly fun project. I loved combining my passion for winemaking with our hand-crafted spirit program.”

Mer Sea and Grace Sea are available for tasting daily in the Westport Winery tasting room or in the International Mermaid Museum tasting room and gift shop. Westport Winery, Ocean’s Daughter Distillery, the Sea Glass Grill, and the International Mermaid Museum are open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The entire team at Westport Winery Garden Resort is excited to have Ocean’s Daughter Distillery spirits back in bottles beginning next week in time for members July Splash Club. The first batch will include six vodka selections with gin in production the following week.

It has been just a month since the devastating fire that consumed the distillery production building. The new building has a roof and siding already, while a small production space was carved out in an adjacent building that has allowed them to get back to business so fast.

Winery and distillery co-owner, Kim Roberts said, “We are grateful to both the county, state and the federal agencies that govern us for helping us establish new legal areas for spirit production. More than anyone though, we must thank Chuck French and his sons from Twin Construction for finding a place for us in his schedule. Only with this extraordinary level of cooperation and collaboration are we able to have our distillery up and running in just over a month.”

The close-knit wine industry aided the Roberts in swiftly shipping supplies and equipment lost in the fire. Blain Roberts said, “We are grateful for our industry partners from bottle and label suppliers to the equipment vendors for expediting what we needed to get back to production.”

For more information contact Westport Winery at 360.648.2224. This is the number to call to make dining reservations as well. The summer season promises to be extremely busy. The Sea Glass Grill remains at 50% capacity until the state lifts that regulation, so seating is limited, and reservations are encouraged. The menu is available on the Westport Winery website.

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