Thurston County Implementing Electronic Check-in System

The check-in system will reduce lines and people waiting in the lobby areas of county buildings


Submitted by Thurston County

Today, Thurston County implemented a new electronic check-in system for the offices in Building 1 of the Courthouse Campus. This includes the Auditor’s, Treasurer’s, and Assessor’s Offices, along with the Building Development Center. Individuals will not be required to check-in for the Commissioner’s Office.

The new system allows for individuals to electronically get in line, and in some cases set an appointment, for services electronically. Individuals will get in line or set an appointment by signing up online, scanning a QRCode before entering the building, or using the Kiosk system on the first floor of the building. Those who scan the QRCode or use the website to get in line before entering the building can then wait in their vehicles and the system will notify them when it is their turn.

“The intent of the sign in system is to reduce the number of people entering our buildings at one time, as well as making it easier for individuals to do business with the county in person if they are not able to access services online or by phone,” said County Manager, Ramiro Chavez. “This new system will increase access to in-person services while keeping our residents and staff safe.”

The kiosk system will be added to buildings 2 and 3, Family and Juvenile Court, and Public Health and Social Services over the coming weeks. 

To get in line electronically or sign up for available appointments, please visit the Thurston County website.

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