Yelm Community Schools Selected to Host STEMKAMP


Submitted by Yelm Community Schools

According to Washington STEM by the Number Report, “By 2030, 84% of all jobs will require Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Talent.”

Yelm Community Schools was selected as one of 10 military-connected school districts across the United States to implement the 5-day summer STEMKAMP, helping young students connect critical thinking and problem-solving skills to a wide variety of STEM careers through hands-on experiences with STEM concepts and access to STEM professionals. As a result, students will develop basic laboratory skills, practice higher-order thinking skills, and gain the self-confidence and motivation to consider continuing on a path toward a STEM career.

Children of military service personnel often experience stress related to the many unknowns involved in their parents’ occupations. This includes changing school districts often, which can make it difficult to adjust to new schools with differing curriculum, instructional methods, cultural norms and climate. STEMKAMP will fill a large need by providing access to local STEM summer camps designed specifically for children in military families.

As the largest employer of scientists and engineers in the world, the Defense Department recognizes the importance of inspiring students to become STEM professionals. iBIO and Goshen Education Consulting have created the new program for third to eighth graders based on published research data showing that students who express an early interest (by eighth grade) in pursuing a STEM career are two to three times more likely to graduate with a STEM college degree.

iBIO Senior Vice President Ann Vogel. “We are thrilled to build on the success of our programs and bring these STEM camps to military families. We look forward to creating and coordinating a network composed of local school districts, their respective state’s BIO affiliates and other local community partners to build a strong STEM talent pipeline.”

Yelm Community Schools will host STEMKAMP this coming summer from August 9-13.  Later this spring, more information about registration and camp activities will be published on the district website.

iBIO EDUCATE delivers industry-led STEM programs for teachers and students, thereby inspiring the next generation of innovators and helping restore America’s leadership in technology education. To learn more about iBIO and its programs, visit the iBIO website.

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