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Help us celebrate access to clean water and bring awareness to the need for wastewater treatment by participating in the Imagine a Day Without Water Art Contest. Create a drawing, video, photo, writing, or other media form representing the value of water to you. All Thurston County participants will be entered into a raffle, receive a WET Science Center prize, and have their artwork showcased on our social media. Send your submission to by Friday, October 30.

Someone turning on a kitchen faucet. Photo courtesy: WET Science Center

How Can We Protect Our Drinking Water?

Most of our drinking water comes from groundwater sources. We need to be mindful of what we apply to the ground and put into our drains to prevent polluting the groundwater.

  • Use slow-release fertilizers and compost.
  • Pick up your pet’s waste.
  • Check cars for oil leaks.
  • Use household and personal care products with the least toxic ingredients.
  • Dispose of dangerous household products safely; you can take them to Thurston County’s HazoHouse in Hawk’s Prairie for free disposal.
  • Maintain and inspect your septic system by following Thurston County Public Health and Social Service recommendations.
  • Never pour or flush unwanted chemicals, medication, or trash down the drain.

Conserving water is just as important as keeping our water clean. Try shortening your showers, fix leaks or drippy pipes and faucets, and upgrade to low-flow faucets. Consider participating in LOTT Clean Water’s water conservation programs. Visit for program descriptions.

Clean water worker holding up one dirty and one clean jar of water. Photo courtesy: WET Science Center

High Quality Leadership and Wastewater Treatment in Thurston County

In Thurston County, LOTT Clean Water Alliance treats an average of 12 million gallons of wastewater a day. LOTT provides advanced wastewater technology to clean wastewater and remove trash, human waste, nutrients, bacteria, and pathogens.

Effective wastewater treatment requires an investment in infrastructure and a skilled workforce. Investing in our wastewater systems protects human health, our ecosystem, and our economy. LOTT Clean Water Alliance is committed to developing and maintaining wastewater treatment technologies that clean water to the highest standards.

Strong leadership and every-day actions are necessary to secure a safe and sustainable water future for all. What is your role in helping protect our water resources in our community?

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