Submitted by Thurston County

Thurston County Public Health and Social Services (PHSS) lifted the health advisories for Pattison Lake and Long Lake on Thursday, October 1, after water samples from both lakes showed levels of microcystins, a liver toxin produced by algae, were below the level of health concern for two consecutive weeks. The state standard is no more than eight micrograms of microcystin per liter for recreational water use.

Microcystins levels for samples collected on Monday, September 29, were:

  • 0.8 micrograms per liter at Long Lake
  • Below detection limit at Pattison Lake

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has been notified and will be reopening the boat launches at both lakes.

At this time, there are no toxic algae advisories for any Thurston County Lake. You can learn more about toxic algae blooms and health risks on the Washington State Department of Health’s Blue-Green Algae website, or contact PHSS at 360-867-2626.

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