All home inspections are pretty much the same, right? Not exactly. The team at Boggs Inspection Services wants you to know that some homes will benefit from specialty inspections. “We’ve offered most of these services for a very long time, but some customers don’t realize that they are available,” says Dwayne Boggs, president, and CEO of Boggs Inspection Services. A specialty home inspection, like any home inspection, can save you money over the long run and offer you peace of mind in the care of your home. Take a look below at all the specialty inspections offered by Boggs Inspection Services and see if one might be a good fit for you.

11th-Month Warranty Inspections

Even new construction homes can develop problems, which is why Boggs Inspection Services offers 11th Month Warranty Inspections, so you can get those issues addressed before your warranty expires. Photo courtesy; Boggs Inspection Services

If you live in a brand-new home, you might think there is no use for a home inspection. Well, think again. If your home came with a one-year warranty, a common feature with a new home these days, then you might want to take advantage of Boggs Inspection Services 11-month warranty inspection. The 11-month warranty inspection looks for any damage that may have occurred to your home since you moved in to it. A Boggs inspector can also identify any issues that the builder missed when completing your home that you might not be aware of. “Even new homes can have costly issues,” says Dwayne, “and we try to uncover them early, so that small issues don’t become big problems with even bigger price tags.” Completing the inspection in the eleventh month of ownership gives you time to make a claim on the warranty and get those issues resolved, saving you money and keeping your new home in good repair.

Log Home Inspections

Log homes are popular for their rustic charm, but they can come with their own unique concerns. Boggs inspectors are certified with InterNACHI, and they receive specialized training for log homes. Photo courtesy; Boggs Inspection Services

A log home might seem just like any other home, albeit with a rustic sort of style. But beyond aesthetics, log homes have some major differences unique to their building characteristics. Your home inspector needs to have the skills and experience to identify any issues that can occur in this specially built home. Boggs inspectors are all certified with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). Along with their InterNACHI certification comes special training in log home inspection, which makes them particularly qualified to evaluate log homes.

Pre-listing Inspection

If you are planning to sell your home, or already in the process, you may be expecting buyers to get their own home inspection. But what will that inspector find? You might think you already know, after all, you’ve lived in your home for years. “Many homeowners are surprised about what the buyer’s inspector uncovers,” says Dwayne, “and having a pre-listing inspection done even before you list your home can help you identify things you need to fix, or at least be prepared when it comes time to negotiate the price with the buyers.”

Condo/Townhouse Inspections

Condominiums and Townhouses are a lot like traditional stand-alone homes, but they do have a few differences. Those differences can be huge if your inspector doesn’t know to look for them. “All of our inspectors are trained and prepared for the differences that will come along with inspecting a condo or townhouse, or any specialty inspection, for that matter,” says Dwayne. “We know what we are looking for and that gives our customers peace of mind when they use our services.”

Other Specialty Services

From pre-listing inspections to inspections of condos and townhouses, Boggs inspectors are trained to cover every detail, top to bottom. Photo courtesy; Boggs Inspection Services

The Boggs Team also offers other specialty services to meet the specific needs of their customers. Sewer scopes with real-time video transmission to seek out any potential or existing problems in the main sewer line, indoor air quality inspections to look for mold and identify mold levels of concern, and water quality inspections to ensure the safety of well water are some of the other specialty inspection services available from Boggs.

The team at Boggs Inspection Services knows that every home is unique, which means that every inspection is unique, too. And they want you to know that even the truly unique inspections, from log homes to new homes, to condos and townhomes are all something they can handle.

If you want to learn more about their specialty inspections, take a look at the Boggs Inspection Services Website. You can even schedule an appointment online or give them a call at 360-480-9602 or 253-267-8600.


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