The City of Olympia wears its diversity and support for BLM with pride. There are many pieces of art work throughout the city that show we are stronger when we pull together and give a voice to the voiceless.

Jeannine Kempees, owner of Belleza Ropa, originally put up boards to prevent any damage to her shop during protests. She was thrilled when community members asked if they could use the boards to express their message to the community.

“My family had just marched in Seattle the day before and wanted to put out a message of support for Black Lives Matter. When we stand up together, supporting all people in our communities of color, our message is amplified. The painting makes that message loud and clear, as well as adding some joy to a somber time.

“I am going to reopen the store soon, but leave up some of the artwork to enjoy.  I hope our community can protest peacefully and respectfully and downtown can thrive again.  Supporting small businesses downtown will help our city recover,” says Kempees.

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