Submitted by the WET Science Center

This week we’ll take a closer look at the hidden wonders below our feet and all around us. We’ll post a new science activity Monday through Saturday on the WET Science Center’s Facebook and Instagram to inspire your exploration. The activities are best suited for children up to middle school. Discover everyday secrets in the recycling bin, in fruit, right outside your door, and just below your toes!

  • Monday- Recycle a cereal box into a nature journal.
  • Tuesday- See strawberry DNA.
  • Wednesday- Explore a whole world in a square foot.
  • Thursday- Make dandelion Playdough and notice their unique seeds.
  • Friday- Catch bugs with a simple trap.
  • Saturday- Hunt for special rocks!

Let the WET Science Center join you in this exploration by sharing with us what you’re able to uncover. Send a photo, or let us know what activities you do, and be entered into our weekly raffle! This week’s prize is a magnifying glass from Browser’s Bookstore. Tag us on social media or email

Discover the Secrets of Wastewater

What are the hidden secrets to our wastewater treatment process? Bacteria, machines, and teamwork! Do you know where your wastewater goes? If you’re on sewer and you live in Lacey, Olympia, or Tumwater, your water probably comes to us at LOTT Clean Water Alliance. After your wastewater travels through pipes and pump stations, it goes through a multi-step process to remove nutrients and other pollutants. Then the treated wastewater flows into Budd Inlet or is made into Class A Reclaimed water.

Happy bacteria who help treat wastewater. Photo courtesy: The WET Center

Bacteria and microorganisms in the treatment process are tiny, but they have a big job! These microscopic bacteria break down nutrients in our wastewater that can harm the ecosystem. Wastewater workers monitor the health and conditions of bacteria to make sure they can do their best at cleaning your wastewater. This step of our process is called biological nutrient removal (BNR). It’s an extra step to treatment that puts the health of Puget Sound first! Learn more about our treatment process on LOTT’s website.

Take the WET Science Center home with you.

We’re still playing our At Home Bingo! Think you can get a bingo? What about a black out? Visit our website for instructions and to get started. For a printed version, email us at

Download your own BINGO game on to play with us. Photo courtesy: The WET Center

We also have our at-home water tracker. Now you can find out how much water you use in one day. You may be surprised by how quickly it adds up! The average American family uses 300 gallons of water per day at home. Do the math to see how you compare. Find out about saving water from the EPA’s “How we Use Water.”

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