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Humerus Pediatrics, a “pay what you can” pediatric community clinic, is slated to open this weekend in west Olympia.

As hospitals across the country receive an influx of patients due to COVID-19, neighborhood community clinics have never been more essential. The new pediatric community clinic will attempt to fill current healthcare gaps, and assist families with limited options for care. At this time, the clinic will only charge families what they feel they can pay.

“We’ve all been scrambling to respond in a way that meets all of our patients’ needs sustainably,” said Maggi Hume, a board-certified pediatric nurse practitioner and founder of Humerus Pediatrics. “I personally saw many parents canceling appointments, or reluctant to come into the office out of an abundance of caution regarding COVID-19.”

Humerus Pediatrics will offer in-office visits, house calls and telehealth visits. The clinic is not taking private insurance or offering vaccines at this time, but hopes to in the future. If a patient has coverage through Medicaid, they will not be asked to pay anything.

“I’m starting out with this ‘pay-what-you-can’ model, because it’s going to take me time to get insurance switched over to my new location,” Hume said. “I’m not the type of person who can just sit at home while there’s care to provide to help keep people home and out of hospitals and clinics during a pandemic.”

Humerus Pediatrics can treat minor acute illnesses, such as cough, fever, sore throat, urinary symptoms, constipation, rashes, many behavioral concerns and well-child check ins that do not require vaccines.

“My goal is to make care more accessible, more convenient and provide holistic care,” Hume said. “Sometimes, that even includes ‘non-medical’ care like connecting families with social services, health insurance, free educational resources, food banks and the like.”

Humerus Pediatrics will operate outside of normal business hours, including late afternoons and weekends, to help meet the needs of working parents. The clinic is currently scheduling appointments. To schedule an appointment, visit the Humerus Pediatrics website or call 360-339-8466. Humerus Pediatrics is located at 222 NW Kenyon St. SW, Suite 10, Olympia WA 98502.

About Maggi Hume

Maggi Hume is a primary care pediatric nurse practitioner based in Olympia. She is a licensed ARNP and RN in Washington state, as well as a licensed RN in Tennessee. She has been board certified in primary care pediatrics since 2015. Hume earned her Master of Science in Nursing from Vanderbilt University in 2015, and her Bachelor of Arts in English from University of Tennessee in 2013.

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