Submitted by Holy Family School

Holy Family School, located in Lacey, has a comprehensive distance learning program for all of our kindergarten through eighth grade students, since the onset of the COVID-19 school closure.

Holy Family School was established in 1974 as an independent Catholic School. It was through the persistence of the founding families and some dedicated individuals who did not have children that the school was established to provide academic excellence and Catholic religious education to families within Thurston County and beyond.

The Holy Family School Board, principal, and teachers are all actively working to ensure that our students and families have the best possible opportunity to progress in their studies during this unprecedented crisis. Our Distance Learning Program is modeled after a regular school day to include a morning prayer, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and a scheduled recess and lunch as a community.

Students and teachers are safe at home during the school closure, but learning continues. Older students are working online, while younger students have worksheets and crafts to complete. Teachers check in with students each day through phone calls, Zoom meetings, and email.

Some of the resources being used are Google Classroom, Khan Academy, Class Dojo, Think Central, and Rocket Math as teachers strive to bring the most useful apps and on-line programs to their students. We even have a virtual fitness club and physical education to help our students remain physically active during the stay at home order.

Holy Family students benefit from a 10-1 student-teacher ratio. This small classroom dynamic benefits our students immensely. No student is left behind, and every student is challenged by the curriculum. MAP testing scores demonstrate the high levels of proficiency that Holy Family students achieve each year in science, English and math with scores consistently at or above the National and Archdiocese of Seattle Catholic Schools averages.

Our campus offers a safe and stimulating learning environment to all students. State of the art science and technology labs are part of the lower campus, while art and music rooms anchor the upper campus. Our large play field, playground and green spaces are enjoyed by students during PE classes and recess times. Physical movement and plenty of outside play time is an integral part of the school day at Holy Family.

Our learning expectations are aligned with both the Archdiocese of Seattle as well as the State of Washington’s core subject area standards. Holy Family School is recognized by the State of Washington as an approved private school and we are fully accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA). All of our core classroom teachers are licensed through the State of Washington.

Holy Family School believes in partnering with parents, who are the first educators of children. At Holy Family, we strive to educate the whole child. Our staff members use formative evaluations and standardized test information to design the best instruction and differentiation for students while also modeling and teaching Catholic values.

Finally, our Student Learning Expectations (SLE’s) represent our core mission and commitment to serving children. Together we strive to have our students be A.) Inspired by Christ, B.) Life-Long Learners, and C.) Respectful Community Members.

New students in grades 1-8 may enroll at this time and commence distance learning in all main subject areas. All necessary accommodations will be made to successfully integrate new students into their virtual Holy Family School classrooms in order to limit any further disruptions to their academic studies. Our small class sizes allow our teachers to take a hands-on approach with each student, and especially during this period of distance learning.

Visit our website for more information or to schedule a virtual tour. All are Welcome!

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