As Dwayne Boggs looks to better serve his customers around the South Sound, he’s expanded his team with home inspector Sean McClendon. Though Sean is the newest member of the Boggs Inspection team, he’s been working with them since October 2019, training in all the important aspects of home inspection. Sean has learned a lot about inspections over the past several months, and he’s also learned a great deal about the culture and teamwork built into the Boggs Inspection Services business.

After months of training, Sean started going out solo on home inspections. He brings skills he learned from every member of the team. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

Long before he thought of becoming a home inspector, Sean met Dwayne. He was impressed by Dwayne’s professionalism and ethics. Later, when the opportunity to work with Boggs Inspection Services materialized, Sean knew it would be the right fit. “Dwayne and the team are truly genuine,” says Sean, “they really care about the job they do and the customers they serve.”

Each member of the Boggs Team is a little different.  “I was able to pick up a lot of really good habits from everyone,” says Sean. Each inspector follows the same inspection checklist and protocol, which ensures that they cover every important aspect a home has, but their own personality traits impact how they approach the job. “I learned from Jon a great way to pack up and store gear that I use for going under the house into the crawlspace,” says Sean, “and Mike taught me all the best tools for the job.”

Home inspection is like a puzzle sometimes. “George helped me put the pieces together when I’m inspecting,” he explains. “Each thing I see is a clue to help me discover things about a home that might not be readily apparent to an untrained eye.” Sean has brought together all the things he learned from the other inspectors and now he uses those habits with each home or property he inspects.

At team meetings, Dwayne and all the inspectors get together and talk about what they are seeing during their inspections. Ingenuity and process improvement are encouraged. “If there is something we can improve or something new we could try, we are always encouraged to bring it up,” says Sean. “We all look to do things better.”

Sean is a family man. He loves to spend time with his wife and son who just celebrated his fourth birthday. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

At a recent training, Sean and the team received a presentation from a professional roofer. “He has 20 years of experience in that specific industry, and we were able to just pick his brain and ask him questions about anything and everything we might come across when we are inspecting,” says Sean. Regular trainings, like this one, help keep the team sharp with their skills.

Sometimes home inspecting is a dirty job. They see crawlspaces that are covered with puddles of standing water or filled with insulation hanging down so they can’t see two feet in front of their face. That might deter some people, but not Sean. He knows it’s important to get in there and get the job done well, so his clients get a full picture of the state of their home.

“When we are inspecting a home, we look for the things you can’t see, or might not notice,” says Sean, “We are looking for the little problems before they become big ones.” The sooner you find areas of concern, you can develop a plan of action to take care of them. Many problems don’t require an immediate fix or thousands of dollars, but as long as you have them on your radar, you can create a plan to address them. Sean likes knowing that what he does helps people in their day to day life.

Sean can’t wait until the start of the fishing season every year, so he and his son can get out catch some fish together. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

Sean is a family man whose made the South Sound his home for a long time.  A self-described “military-brat,” Sean comes from all over, but has spent a large portion of his life in the South Puget Sound since he was a teen. Sean graduated from Tumwater High School, later married, and now he and his wife have a 4-year-old son. When he’s not inspecting homes, Sean loves to spend time with his family and enjoys taking his son fishing every year, just as soon as the season begins.

If you’d like to schedule a home inspection with Sean or one of the other Boggs team inspectors, visit the Boggs Inspection Services website or call 360-480-9602 or 253-267-8600.


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