Becoming a part of a community takes time. For an institution like Olympia Federal Savings (OlyFed) that values their relationship with the community, bringing in a new team member means a search for someone that shares the same vision. So, when OlyFed brought in Joel Slovick, not only did they find an experienced banker perfectly suited to join the business banking division, but they also found a teammate who values community as much as they do.

Joel Slovick as joined Olympia Federal Savings’ business banking team. Photo courtesy: Olympia Federal Savings

Sitting down and talking to Joel is like talking to an old friend. He is passionate about community and especially small businesses. “Small business is the glue that keeps the community together,” he says. “Small business is where it all starts. It’s good people, making a good living, doing what they love.”

“Joel is a great addition to our team because he really wants to be part of this community,” says Carrie Whistler, VP of business banking. “He is passionate about helping business owners find solutions.” Joel’s out of the box thinking also helps him stand out in his industry. Carrie adds that Joel has a history of going above and beyond with creative solutions to help customers wherever he can.

With over a decade of banking experience, Joel most often works with established small businesses. “I do everything from a small $5,000 equipment loan or line of credit, up to millions of dollars in real estate lending, and everything in between,” he explains. Sometimes, a business is looking for the next step, advice on how to prepare their finances to build up in production, expand to new markets or add a new facility. Joel can help with lending solutions or advice on how to prepare for those big steps. Other times, businesses are looking to transition their ownership in a seamless way to minimize disruptions to employees and customers. Joel can help them with that too.

“I really enjoy getting to know a business, learning from them, and especially seeing them grow and thrive,” Joel says. Photo courtesy: Olympia Federal Savings

“I really enjoy getting to know a business, learning from them, and especially seeing them grow and thrive,” he says.

Joel’s commitment to his customers extends to the lifetime of the business. Sometimes, Joel’s work is just to offer a bit of advice to a new business about how they can position themselves so when they become established, they can grow or expand. “I am there for the relationship and to be a valuable resource. I want to be there to help entrepreneurs and business owners every step of the way.”

The choice to work for OlyFed was an easy one for Joel. “OlyFed’s commitment to the community is second to none,” he says. Joel says when he is out and about in the community and people find out where he works, they have so many great things to say about OlyFed. “They put their customers and their employees first and it’s great to be a part of an institution like that.”

Joel enjoys spending time outdoors, whether its a on a five mile hike through the wilderness or hanging out with his wife and child on their property. Photo courtesy: Joel Slovick

But Joel isn’t all work and no play. When Joel isn’t helping clients at OlyFed, he is spending time with his wife and young child. Joel relocated with his family from Santa Rosa, California in 2019 and settled into a home in Elma. “We live on five acres with a creek, and our two‐year‐old son and dog run around enjoying all the space to spread out,” he says. Joel has really enjoyed his transition to living in the Pacific Northwest. “The fresh air here is a world of difference.” He also appreciates the countless opportunities for outdoor adventures. “I love the outdoors: camping, fishing, hunting, hiking. We are pretty fortunate that there are so many opportunities to do all those things in our region.”

“I want to develop strong roots here in this area,” he adds. “In the past, I’ve developed relationships with customers and seen them go from a fledgling business to achieving their dreams or from an established business to preparing for retirement. That’s what I want to continue to do here. I want to be there for my clients every step of the way.”

If you want to talk to Joel about your business, give him a call at 360‐754‐3400. If you’d like to explore OlyFed’s small business banking services, check out the OlyFed website.


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