YWCA Olympia Announces Intercultural Foundations Community Institute

Submitted by YWCA Olympia

YWCA Olympia announced recently that registration is now open for the agency’s new Intercultural Foundations Community Institute, an opportunity for community members to go deeper in social justice education and practice through the Intercultural Foundations Program.

Intercultural Foundations (I.F.) equips organizations, businesses, groups and individuals with skills, tools, and knowledge to shift culture towards true equity and inclusion.

The new I.F. Community Institute cohort will create a network of folks in Thurston County and the surrounding area who are deeply committed to fostering social change through their work, both personally and professionally. Participants will include folks from the non-profit, healthcare, education and other sectors, as well as individuals wanting to engage in personal development. The Institute will equip participants with skills and practices in three key areas: Intersectional Race Equity, Healing in Community, and Cultural Humility.

  • Intersectional Race Equity:An approach to social justice issues that views all forms of oppression, and their antidotes, as interconnected.
  • Healing in Community: Recognize systemic oppression as trauma, whether we are over or under-valued by those systems, and that creating community fosters healing.
  • Cultural Humility: Strengthen skills for building community across difference through self-awareness and cross-cultural understanding.

“Participating in an extended training series put on by YWCA Olympia called Intercultural Foundations was one of the most powerful experiences I have had my in 10 years working in social services. This training course changed my personal and professional life in so many ways. I learned, in a new real way, the immense power of listening to and implementing the solutions people have for themselves.” – Intercultural Foundations participant.

You can learn more on the YWCA Olympia website.

For more information contact the Intercultural Foundations team at IF@ywcaofolympia.org  or 360-352-0593.


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