Dick’s Brewing Company Pairs Their Best Beer With a Sweet Classic


On Friday, March 15, Dick’s Brewing Company will host a special kind of beer tasting. Sampling brews with a variety of accompaniments is a long-standing tradition, but this one’s a little different. This time, they’re pairing their best brews with an American classic: Girl Scout cookies.

Dicks Brewing Company group photo
The team at Dick’s Brewing Company tried a variety of brews with each cookie. Photo credit: Andrea Culletto

The Dick’s Brewing Company crew recently gathered to determine which brews best complimented each type of cookie. The atmosphere was jovial as each flavor combination was sampled, savored and appraised. Pairings were discussed before a final vote was taken. Co-owner Julie Pendleton kept track of each, her notes lengthening as the afternoon progressed.

The group quickly discovered that the right pairing could make a big difference – for better or worse. “Lighter beers are better with sweet cookies,” Co-owner Dave Pendleton assessed.

While sampling the Toffee-tastic with two different beers, LeighAnne Eiland noted, “Imperial gives it a sweeter finish, while the Irish made it taste kind of bitter.”

The group moved on to S’mores, a relatively new flavor that unites graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate for an especially sweet and satisfying crunch. The contenders for this pairing were Dick Danger and Lava Rock Porter.

Dick's brewing company julie writing notes
Julie kept track as the group debated the various merits of each pairing. Photo credit: Andrea Culletto.

Each person employed their own method of sampling. Some took a bite of cookie, then chased it with a swig of brew, filtering the liquid through the cookie. Dave’s father, Larry Pendleton, dunked his cookie into the beer, saturating it before popping the concoction into his mouth. Others took a sip of beer to cleanse the palate before introducing cookie into the mix.

“The porter is a little too bitter,” Julie noted as she mulled over the flavor. “Danger is a little more smooth and malty.”

“Danger is my favorite beer here,” noted Dave’s mom, Alice Pendleton.

The rest of the group voted, declaring Dick Danger Ale the clear winner for the S’mores cookie pairing.

Next up? A cookie legend: the Thin Mint.

The clear winner in this case was Dick’s Cold Brew.

“That’s desert right there,” said Christine Chamberlain. “It’s top notch.”

“I feel like I’ve had my coffee and brushed my teeth,” chimed in Bryan Malanowicz. “I’m good to go!”

Dicks Brewing Company Lady in blue coat and man in maroon hat
Dave Pendleton’s parents, Larry and Alice, had a wonderful time sampling the combinations. Photo credit: Andrea Culletto.

Dick’s special pairing night will feature six of the eight Girl Scout cookie varieties: Caramel Delites (formerly known as Samoas), Trefoils, Do-si-dos, Savannah Smiles, Thin Mints and S’mores. Dave first proposed the idea after coming across a similarly themed event online. He and Julie were happy to support the Girl Scout program through their cookie purchase.

Funds raised through cookie sales provide educational experiences and opportunities for young girls, and selling teaches them business, money management and perseverance. Dick’s cookie pairing event will provide a fun new way to enjoy these classic treats.

While fun, determining which beer would accompany each cookie was serious business. Not every pairing was a winner. For example, group consensus was that Tagalongs and Crème Stout were emphatically unpleasant together. But that’s why they scheduled a trial run.

Dick’s Brewing Company has something special in store for the Caramel Delite cookie pairing. They’ve been developing a Coconut Porter that will be ready in time for the event. This brew is so delicious, the first batch is already gone. Luckily, more is on the way.

The group sampled Savannah Smiles with both a Grapefruit IPA and Straight Coastin’. This led to some intriguing discussion. “The lemon cookie paired with Straight Coastin’ was really complimentary,” said Joe Kenworthy. “The combination with the citrus cookie was really a good flavor. The grapefruit IPA is too much of a counter balance. It overpowered it.”

Dick's brewing company girl scout event 7
Come see which pairing you like for yourself at their March 15 event. Photo credit: Andrea Culletto

Ultimately, neither was quite right. Dave brought out Batch 202 IPA, which was deemed the perfect match for this spunky little lemon cookie.

The Do-si-do found its perfect pairing with Dick’s Porter. “The peanut butter and oatmeal goes really well with the porter,” Larry said. “I think the Porter is one of the best beers they make. It has a nice, dark malt to it. It’s a good match.”

Overall, Julie’s favorite was the Trefoil combined with Pale Ale. This light beer was the perfect complement to the sweet and simple shortbread cookie. “It’s like vanilla ice cream,” she said, noting that her second pick was the Caramel Delite with Coconut Porter.

Ultimately, winners were:

  • Trefoils with Pale Ale
  • S’mores with Danger Ale
  • Thin Mints with Cold Brew
  • Do-si-dos with Porter
  • Savanah Smiles with 202
  • Caramel Delite with Coconut Porter

Sample these combinations for yourself at Dick’s Brewing Company’s special pairing event on March 15. You’ll enjoy reminiscing over the nostalgia of these classic treats and making new memories with friends. It promises to be an extra sweet experience.

Girl Scout Cookie Pairing Event
March 15
3:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Dick’s Brewing Company
3516 Galvin Road, Centralia


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