Virgil Adams and Ron Rants began their friendship in the early 1970s. Their work in real estate mirrored each other in complimentary ways, Virgil created Virgil Adams Real Estate, working in residential, and Ron built The Rants Group, focusing on commercial real estate management, brokerage and development. “They both had small offices at the Evergreen Plaza building on Capitol Way,” says Dennis Adams, Broker/Owner of Virgil Adams Real Estate. “Their offices were right next door, so they got to know each other very well.”

From left: Pat Rants, Danielle Rants, Tammy Adams, and Dennis Adams. Virgil Adams and Ron Rants grew their businesses and raised their families in the area. Now their sons, Dennis Adams and Pat Rants, are doing the same for the next generation. Photo courtesy: Virgil Adams Real Estate

As the years passed and each business outgrew their small offices, they moved and expanded, but the two friends remained close, increasing their professional collaborations over the years. Over time, each business became part of the fabric of our community. Virgil Adams is currently the oldest family-owned residential real estate firm in Thurston County, while the Rants Group is the oldest family-owned commercial real estate firm. Their private lives paralleled as well. Each raised a family and enjoyed boating, and socializing together.

Later, each would pass the businesses on to their sons, Virgil to Dennis Adams, and Ron to Pat Rants. With Dennis and Pat leading each business, their professional relationship has grown to match their personal friendship. “I have asked Dennis for advice a number of times over the years because he has faced the same issues I have,” says Pat, president of The Rants Group. “My dad and Virgil did the same thing 40 years ago. I think this commonality has brought us closer together personally and professionally.  Plus, Dennis is just a great person.”

Working in separate real estate realms, residential and commercial, has given each the ability to grow and make their own mark in the community, while offering the opportunity to collaborate on the projects that require expertise from both sides of the real estate industry.

Building the Future Together

The newest professional collaboration between Virgil Adams Real Estate and The Rants Group is the Percival Condominium project. With so much shared history, working together on this project is a natural fit, and a great opportunity to carry their relationship into the future. The project is being developed by The Rants Group and sold by Virgil Adams Real Estate.

Virgil Adams Rants Group History Views
The Percival Condominiums, a collaboration between Vigil Adams Real Estate and the Rants Group, offer beautiful views from every angle. Photo courtesy: Virgil Adams Real Estate

The Percival Condominiums aren’t just representative of the continued relationship between Virgil Adams and The Rants Group, but they also represent the longstanding commitment to the future of the local community by each business. While there are a number of great new buildings recently built or currently in construction downtown, they are rental apartments, but Olympia doesn’t have many options for those who want to own downtown. The Percival Condominium project meets those needs with 28 units ranging in size between 1,300 square feet and 2,300 square feet. The condos are currently in the permitting stage with occupancy to begin in approximately 2020.


The greatest interest in this project has come from locals in the community, people with their own roots in the area. Many of them own their own homes currently, but are looking to downsize without giving up the great views and waterfront living that drew them to Olympia in the first place. The opportunity to positively invest in downtown among the attractive amenities like local restaurants, retail shops and the Olympia Farmers Market appeals greatly to them.

Virgil Adams Rants Group History Waterfront Living
The Percival Condominiums bring together the desirability of waterfront living with the convenience of a condominium all in the heart of downtown Olympia. Photo courtesy: Virgil Adams Real Estate

Both Virgil Adams Real Estate and The Rants Group are looking keenly into the future with the third generation of their families. “Family businesses require somewhat different thinking and long-term planning than other small businesses, explains Pat. Their ties to the area are deepened by their connection to the community through their family. The legacy they leave for their community is often just as important as the one they leave to their family.

“One of my first memories of the business was visiting a construction site with my Dad on take your daughter to work day.  It was fascinating.”, says Danielle Rants, granddaughter of Ron Rants. Danielle also started early, working summers and breaks in the Rant’s Group offices and, before that, hearing about real estate every night at the dinner table.

Tammy Adams grew up a part of Virgil Adams Real Estate, running around the office in diapers, visiting their development projects and homes with her grandfather and father. After college, she utilized her education in marketing and purchasing management with 2 large companies before returning to her deep roots in real estate.  Initially becoming licensed in California she worked with a fantastic team at a large real estate firm for a few years. Tammy decided to move home and couldn’t be happier with her decision to work in the family business she loved so much as a child.  Being around those she grew up with and family makes her decision that much more exciting.

Tammy and Danielle are both excited to work together more and carry the collaboration into the future. “Danielle and I worked together this summer, and I am looking forward to working with her more as we each move up in our family businesses.”

Just a stone’s throw from Virgil and Ron’s old offices in the Evergreen Plaza building, work continues on the Percival Condominiums located at 322 Columbia Street NW Olympia, WA 98501, building a future on history that began nearly 50 years ago.

If you would like to learn more about the Percival Condominiums, call Tammy at 360-584-2736 or Spence Weigand at -360-789-3160. Visit the Virgil Adams Real Estate website to learn more about buying your next home or selling your current one.

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