City of Olympia: Homelessness Response

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Submitted by City of Olympia

During 2018, our community experienced a dramatic increase in the number of unsheltered homeless individuals camping in downtown, throughout the city and countywide. The City understands and shares public concern about humanitarian needs, public health and safety, and the vibrancy of downtown. The City of Olympia is taking a variety of immediate, emergency actions to respond to these needs including a Mitigation Site, Tiny House Village, City & Faith Community Pilot Partnership, and more.

Learn more about each of these actions on our new web page at

The City is also launching a community-driven planning process to create long-term homeless response strategies. The Homelessness crisis is an unprecedented challenge. The City of Olympia cannot effectively address this issue on its own, and needs citizens, the State and regional governments, as well as other public and private partners to work with us to develop long-term solutions. In a few weeks, the City will launch a community-driven planning process to engage these partners and begin to create long-term strategies.

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Featured photo credit: Diane Waiste

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