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In November each year, artists are invited to submit their portfolios to be considered for the opportunity to become an Olympia Arts Walk cover artist. Two artists are selected by jury, one for fall and one for spring, and each receives a $600 honorarium to create a new work of art. These works go on to be featured on the covers of the event map, and highlighted in a variety of ways.

The 2019 Olympia Arts Walk Cover Artists are Darcy Godecke (spring); and Faith Hagenhofer (fall). The jury gave both artists top marks for craftsmanship. Godecke’s oil paintings resonated for their soulful inventiveness; and Hagenhofer’s work in textiles & fiber stood out for the originality of their investigation of people-to-place relationships. Honorable mentions include Elizabeth Berrien, wire sculpture; and Jennifer Kuhns, mosaic.

“I have always felt a deep connection and sense of joyful bliss when I am around animals and nature. . . .

I have taken these ideals a step further by. . . transforming women into powerful, ethereal animal goddesses on canvas. . . a totem of empowerment for all women. To serve as a reminder of who we are, where we come from, and what we are capable of. . .” – Darcy Goedecke

“. . . . I find people-to-place relationships with each artistic investigation, whether I’m concerned with refugees or migration, borders, tourism, settler colonialism, urban/rural divides, water, or nostalgia. These themes are immanent and also historical; they reach into everywhere and everyone is touched—whether a stayer or a leaver. . . .” – Faith Hagenhofer

About Olympia Arts Walk

Olympia Arts Walk is a semi-annual community event celebrating the arts both regionally and nationally. Since October 1990 thousands gather in downtown Olympia in both the fall and spring for a festive arts experience that uses creativity to connect and engage people from Olympia and the surrounding community. Learn more at olympiawa.gov/artswalk and be sure to follow the event on the City of Olympia Facebook page.

Important Dates

  • Spring Event Registration January 1-31, 2019
  • Spring Arts Walk April 26-27, 2019
  • Fall Event Registration June 15- July 15, 2019
  • Fall Arts Walk October 4-5, 2019
  • 2020 Cover Artist Application Deadline – November 1, 2019

Featured photo credit: Sarah Gonia

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