Submitted by Jennifer Penrose for Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy

If you or a loved one suffer from chronic knee pain – so bad that it can even stop you from walking – then attending this free workshop may be the most important thing you do this year.  It may unlock the agonizing mystery of your knee pain and show you a way to get back to the life you deserve…A life where you can walk up and down the stairs without worrying when your knee is going to ‘give-out’, or the pain stop you in your tracks. A life where you can enjoy leisurely walks with friends and family and not worry if you’re going to make it or not, restricted by a knee so painful. A life where you can pick up and play with your grand kids without worrying when your knee is going to stop you from getting backup. A life where you can do and enjoy all the things you see so many others doing and enjoying but your bad knee has kept you watching from the side-lines….Basically, a life without the curse of knee pain.
If You Feel Let Down, Disappointed,And Even Skeptical About What Can Be Done To Help You, Then Read On…
My name is Jennifer Penrose, the nations leading knee pain specialist, and I have been helping people live with much less knee pain for more than a decade now – all across the country. And what we know now is that so many people are confused by the advice they’ve previously been given, unsure about why it didn’t work out… perhaps even skeptical about their best chances of living with less knee pain in the future… and that’s why I created this one hour Workshop entitled:The Best Kept Secrets Of Easing Knee Pain And Staying Pain Free– and decided to make it free to the residents of Lacey. When you attend, first you’ll discover how many other options that there are available to you – and how safe and simple they are – then we think you’ll agree with the many attendees who’ve already gone before you who now say it truly is possible to get relief from chronic knee pain, even if you’ve suffered for 20 years or more.
Here’s What You’ll Learn At This New Workshop:
  • The 7 urgent coping strategies every knee pain sufferer must never forget when knee pain strikes!!
  • Why 50-53 percent of people make their own knee pain worse by doing just this one thing wrong!
  • The 7 things you can do if you’re hoping to avoid surgery that’ll cost you nothing…The most successful treatments for knee pain that doesn’t involve any drugs.
  • The 3 best exercises you can do at home, in your living room or even from your couch…that’ll help you walk further for longer. How to get a free “injury severity” knee pain examination and where to go for it…
If you’re currently seeing a doctor, thinking about it, or just don’t want to face the hassle of talking to your insurance, but still want to get some real help, then you need to consider attending this free workshop which reveals “The Best Kept Secrets For Living With Less Knee Pain And Staying Pain Free!”
You Should Only Attend This Workshop If:
1) You or a loved one suffer from knee pain
2) You are aged 40+ and have suffered with knee pain for longer than you feel you should have
3) You are currently seeing a doctor or thinking about it
4) You have an open mind and willing to act upon new advice
You Should NOT Attend This Workshop If:
1) You are just a “curiosity” seeker. We only have a limited number of seats available,please don’t take one from somebody who really needs the help.
2) You have a closed mind and won’t listen to any new advice no matter what.
If you meet the qualifications above, here’s what to do next: Pick up the telephone. Take action in your own self-interest and protect your future independence and mobility. Save yourself from a lifetime of suffering more knee pain than you need to. We only have a limited number of seats available for this amazing workshop on Thursday November 29 from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. To save your seat you can call free on 360.456.1444 or visit the Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy website to register online.
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