Perhaps you’ve been to the Tour of Homes or the annual Big Home and Garden Show, but did you ever find yourself wondering, “who are the Olympia Master Builders (OMB) anyway?” Jill Williams, communications specialist for the OMB sat down with me to share some inside info about the association.

Olympia Master Builders Home and Garden Show
Jenni Hatfield, OMB membership coordinator, shows enthusiasm at the set up of the Olympia Master Builders Home and Garden Show.

The OMB is a professional trade association representing companies located throughout Thurston, Lewis, Grays Harbor, Mason and Pacific Counties. “The OMB has over 450 active members, who come from all sectors of the building trades,” says Williams. You probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that home builders, remodelers, plumbers and electricians are a part of the OMB, but bankers, attorneys and other service trades are a part of the association too.

“OMB is a great local resource for our community for their building and remodeling needs,” says Scottiejo McNulty, Associate Director for the OMB board and owner of Elite Cleaning of Washington, Inc. “They work with local officials to assist with concerns in the industry, offer a variety of training classes, and give local students scholarships for building and engineering careers. It’s just a great group of hard-working people who provide our community with the best local builders.”

“OMB membership is founded on and continues to grow from a diverse group of business owners and representatives,” Williams explains. Everyone from established large corporations to start up mom and pop shops unite to support a common primary purpose—housing affordability she says.

OMB’s primary goal is to provide affordable housing for all economic segments of society.  They believe this is best achieved by improving the construction industry and the business climate in which their members operate. They do this by providing a voice before government, developing a professional building industry with educational and training classes, and by promoting and marketing our member services to the community.

OMB membership is about connections and collaboration with one another as well as with the public. OMB members work tirelessly to create, plan and execute amazing public events like the annual Big Home and Garden Show, the Tour of Homes and Chefs on Tour. These events allow opportunities for the public to explore the ins and outs of the region’s finest builders, sub-contractors and associates, meet their teams, and ask questions about upcoming plans and projects. They also provide a community service through their “Hire-A-Pro” online searchable database and membership directory—handy tools for the public to find members for hire in the industry.

Olympia Master Builders Tour of Homes
The Tour of Homes is put on my the Olympia Master Builders every year to showcase the work of members to the community.

“OMB members also benefit greatly through networking and educating one another in more of a hands-on environment,” adds Williams.  Members have the chance to learn from their peers on how to network, create business plans, run effective meetings, grow in leadership roles, and the list goes on, she adds.

There is so much to the OMB, but it all goes back to that primary goal, making affordable housing available to the people of our community. If you would like more information about the Olympia Master Builders or would like to apply for membership visit the Olympia Master Builders website or call 360-754-0912. Visit the Elite Cleaning of Washington, Inc. website to learn more about their services.


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