Toxic Algae Health Advisory In Effect for Lake Lawrence


Submitted by Thurston County Board of County Commissioners

Lake Lawrence has a toxic algae bloom. The Thurston County Public Health & Social Services Department (PHSS) received lab results showing that the bloom is producing high levels of microcystin. Microcystin is a liver toxin which accumulates over time. High accumulation of this toxin can cause sickness, or even death.

Reports show toxin levels at the sample site are 215 micrograms per liter. The Washington State Department of Health advisory level for recreation is 6 micrograms per liter. The public fishing access to the lake has been closed, and danger signs have been posted at the boat launch.

Public Health also advises residents and the public:

  • Do not swim, fish, or use the lake for recreation.
  • Do not allow pets to swim in, or drink water from the lake.

The health advisory for Lake Lawrence will remain in place until samples are within safe levels for two consecutive weeks. Testing will continue until the samples are within safe limits for two consecutive weeks.

For more information about blue-green algae and the County lakes program, visit the County’s Blue-Green Algae Advisories website. You can sign up to receive email algae alerts on the website or by calling 360-867-2645.  Frequently Asked Questions about microcystin and other algal toxins are posted on the County Algae page.

Featured photo credit: Kim Merriman

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