Believe it or not, in modern cars transmission problems are relatively rare. Most are built to last and remain reliable throughout their lifespans. That doesn’t stop people from coming into Bron’s Automotive with what they believe to be transmission issues. The good news? The problem might not be that serious and if it is, customers have options.

Here, Bron’s owner Bron Lindgren shares a few tips that car owners may not be aware of based on his decades in the automotive industry:

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Bron Lindgren explains that most of the time, your transmission is not really the problem. Photo credit: Spencer Spotts

#1 – The real problem is likely the ignition system. “Most of the time, what customers describe as a transmission issue is really an ignition issue,” says Lindgren. “We end up replacing a coil or spark plug wire or spark plugs and the issue is resolved.”

As a side note, if the problem is indeed the transmission and not the ignition, Bron’s is totally capable of dealing with the problem. “Two-thirds of the time it’s the ignition,” Lindgren says, “but the other one-third, we’ll take care of it and repair what’s there.”

#2 – You don’t need to go to the dealer to get your transmission fixed. If, in fact, a transmission needs to be repaired, clients often believe their only option is to take it to the dealer. However, says Lindgren, a shop like Bron’s can get exactly the same replacement parts. “When it’s a complete rebuild, very often we’re buying a factory remanufactured unit from a dealer,” he explains. “It’s the same as if you went to a dealer and had them install it.”

#3 – Check your warranty. Factory remanufactured units transmissions come with a 3-year, 100,000-mile warranty that’s good anywhere in the country. If your transmission falls into that category, the dealer will replace it. It’s worth checking, says Lindgren. “Every once and a while, we’ll get one that’s under warranty, so we’ll take it to the dealer,” he explains. “The dealer fixes it at no cost, and everybody’s happy.”

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