Thurston County Roadwork: Annual Road Striping in Olympia begins July 21 and 22

Submitted by City of Olympia

Thurston County roadwork: In July, Crews will be painting new edge lines, center lines and bike lanes on streets throughout the City. Striping is scheduled to begin Saturday and Sunday, July 21 and 22, and continue the following weekend, July 28 and 29 (weather permitting). Striping will begin around 6 a.m. each morning. Major roadways to be striped include, but are not limited to, Martin Way, Pacific Avenue, 4th Avenue East, State Avenue, Sleater Kinney Road, Lilly Road, Boulevard Road, Harrison Avenue, Division Street, Black Lake Boulevard, 4th Avenue West, Capital Mall Drive, 14th Avenue, Conger Avenue, Kaiser Road, Rogers Street, Kenyon Street, Bush Street and 9th Avenue West. Additional streets will be striped throughout the week as well.

Stay Off the Line – Give it Time

The paint truck will be followed by a “trail vehicle” with a sign warning motorists not to pass. It is important to stay behind the paint truck and trail vehicle to give the paint time to dry. Even if you do not see the vehicles or signs, please do not drive on or over lines that appear fresh as they may still be drying. If you do not get paint on your vehicle, rinse it off immediately. The paint is water-based and will wash off if done right away.

Track the Paint Truck to Avoid Tracking Paint

The best way to avoid wet paint and delays is by knowing where the paint truck is before you hit the road. This year, we are providing a live map at that shows the paint truck’s current location and where it has been for the last 20 minutes. You can check to see where we are anytime during the day, before you leave home or work, and plan your route accordingly.

For questions about City roadway striping, call Public Works at 360-753-8333.

Featured photo credit: Ross Skinner

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