Creating healthier communities is one of the focuses of Providence. In Thurston County, one of the ways Providence is trying to do that is through social media, specifically connecting to the community through its Facebook page.

Providence Facebook “We’re not going to fill your feed with a bunch of spam,” said Angela Maki, Director of Communication for Providence in Southwest Washington. “Our ultimate vision is health for a better world. We know most people don’t want to come to the hospital (unless they’re having a baby). So our goal with our Facebook page is to give you access to local resources and information.”

If you like/follow the Providence Olympia Facebook page, you’ll see information about:

  • Free events and classes
  • Timely healthcare information
  • Medical programs close to home
  • Live events to connect with professionals

“We only post a few times a week, because we don’t want to be a frustration — we do want to be your community health partner,” Maki added.

Some examples of posts from 2018 include:

So give the Providence Olympia Facebook page today and get information you need to help keep you and you family healthy.


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