Submitted by Olympia Downtown Alliance

It’s a fact. We love lists. What’s even better? A list that is full of fun reasons do something we already enjoy. Here is a great list of reasons why you should celebrate in downtown Olympia on June 21.

  1. It’s Summer Solstice. It is the longest day and shortest night of the year. This is a traditional night of celebration. Come out!
  2. It’s fun! Kick off your night with a FREE Solstice in the City block party. Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, music and more! Third Thursdays, brought to you by the Downtown Alliance, fall on this Thursday and there is a ton to do!
  3. It’s a unique experience! More than 30 downtown businesses will have unique things to do, see and try for Third Thursday.  Here are just a few examples:
  1. Giving back feels good. Many participating businesses are giving back. Like:
  1. Support your community. Olympians thrive on being different. We wouldn’t want our house to look like everyone else’s. Why would we want our community to look that way? Peace, love, Olympia!
  2. You can buy it where you try it! Local stores enable you to try on and try out items before you buy — and get real expertise — saving your time and money.
  3. Green is good. Protect the environment! Local businesses consume less land, carry more locally made products, locate closer to residents and create less traffic and air pollution. Buying green means buying local.

For more information, visit OlyThirdThursday.com or call the Downtown Alliance at 360-357-8948. Social #olythirdthursday.

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