Submitted by Thurston County Auditor

The Thurston County Auditor’s Office encourages boat owners to renew their boat tabs before June 30, when all boat tabs in the state expire. We recommend boat owners renew their tabs early to avoid possible wait times during this particularly busy time of the year.

“Customer service is critically important to us,” said Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall. “Boat owners can renew their boat registrations online through the Department of Licensing, at one of eight local licensing subagencies located across Thurston County or directly at the Thurston County Auditor’s Office in Olympia.”

Boat owners can renew their registration any time after January 1. As long as registrations are current, renewals will be valid through June 30, 2019 and the fees are the same regardless of when and how boat owners renew.
In 2017, Thurston County issued 8,986 boat registrations, nearly 900 more than in 2016. Forty percent of those renewed after the June 30 deadline, when tabs expire. Owners caught driving a boat with an expired registration are subject to a $125 ticket.

Questions about boat registration renewals? Read this FAQ or call the Thurston County Auditor’s Licensing & Recording Division at 360-786-5406.

The Thurston County Auditor’s Office provides licensing services to the general public, including vehicle, boat, marriage and pet licenses. For more information, visit our Licensing Webpage.

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