Submitted by Niki Ruggiero for Radiance Herbs and Massage

Recently, communities around the United States celebrated Earth Day. Towns, schools, and community groups spent time picking up trash from parks, roadways, and beaches, educating people on waste reduction, and encouraging individuals and businesses to make more ecologically healthy choices. This year’s theme was End Plastic Pollution.

One Olympia business considers every day Earth Day: Radiance Herbs and Massage. Part of their mission statement involves “the ethical and conscientious selection of products and services, remembering that we are all participants in sustaining planetary life.”

radiance herbs massage
Radiance Herbs and Massage carries more than 250 bulk products in their downtown Olympia store.

To that end, Radiance has long worked diligently to live out that value in their own business practices, as well as in the products they sell. Radiance is part of the Green Power program through Puget Sound Energy. They compost all of their cardboard and paper packaging, as well as office paper products. They focus on repairing their equipment, rather than disposing of items and purchasing new. They recycle all their glass and printer ink cartridges. They purchase post-consumer waste paper products, such as toilet paper, printer paper, and paper towels. They purchase as much of their products in bulk as they can. Radiance considers these efforts, which at times are more expensive alternatives, as “investments in the environment and community.”

For customers, Radiance offers many products in bulk or with reusable packaging: teas, herbs, and body care products — many of which are formulated in-house or allow for containers to be refilled! Shoppers are always encouraged to bring their own bottles to fill up. When purchasing from suppliers, Radiance prefers products in non-plastic packaging whenever possible.

While these practices on the part of Radiance take more effort than standard business conventions, owners and staff believe that taking these steps is part of living the shop’s foundational values. Radiance has been recognized for these efforts by area organizations, too. In 2015, Radiance won the Green Business Award for Medium Sized Businesses from the Thurston County Chamber.

Take advantage of Radiance’s environmental efforts and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are making wise, earth-friendly choices with your purchases every day.

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