Submitted by City of Olympia

The week of April 16, 2018, the City of Olympia will go live with new parking management software and new technology to support more convenient ways to pay for parking.

A new online portal will allow residents to apply and pay for parking permits, including residential permits used by residents of certain Downtown neighborhoods. The online features will also allow account holders to manage the vehicles on their permits, pay parking citations and request a hearing to appeal a parking ticket, all from a computer or mobile device.

Instead of hand-entering license plate information, City staff will use new License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology to read license plate numbers and automatically check for permits, saving time and improving accuracy. Data collected from the plates will be purged each day, and kept only if associated with a parking ticket. LPR will also allow the City to collect parking space occupancy and parking duration data, which will be used to improve the parking system.

The City will also begin phasing in a Pay-by-Phone system that will essentially turn every parking meter into a smart meter. Because new stickers must be installed, the system will be phased in, as installation of the stickers is weather dependent.  Once stickers are installed, customers can download the Pay-by-Phone app to a smartphone and pay for parking at any meter in the City. The app can send a text alert when a meter is about to expire and the driver can add time to the meter remotely via smartphone.

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