While the typical Valentine’s Day gift usually consists of a card and flowers, you might be thinking that your Valentine (be it friend or lover) would appreciate something that satisfies their culinary appetite a bit more.

Fear not – ThurstonTalk explored Downtown Olympia for local Valentine’s gifts under $20 that are sure to make hearts and stomachs happy this holiday.

1Your favorite Valentine’s candy reinvented at Hawley’s Gelato and Coffee

The flavor of the month fudge includes the classic V-Day candy. | Photo credit: Spencer Spottsh
hawleys gelato olympia
Hawley’s now serves local bakery Miss Moffett’s Mystical Cupcakes. | Photo credit: Spencer Spotts

Hawley’s Gelato and Coffee offers plenty of V-Day treats that you can package up and take with you. Their fudge flavor of the month, however, is a unique crowd pleaser. This vanilla fudge includes sprinkles and the iconic heart conversation candies. Hawley’s also recently started serving Miss Moffett’s Mystical Cupcakes and their Red Velvet cupcake is drool-worthy. These cupcakes are even gluten-free!

2Taste the roses – literally – at Encore Chocolates and Teas

Encore’s Strawberry Rose tea smells, tastes and looks like V-Day. | Photo credit: Spencer Spotts
encore teas chocolates olympia downtown
These are just three of the delicious fine chocolates Encore offers. | Photo credit: Spencer Spotts

Encore Chocolates and Teas has such a wide variety of chocolates, candies and loose leaf tea that it’ll be hard to walk away with something for yourself as well. However, if you’re looking for something more seasonal, consider their chocolates that are made with rose petals. Or, you can also gift their Strawberry Rose loose leaf tea. Both are a tasty spin on the classic “roses for Valentine’s Day” idea.


3Spice up your holiday with Buck’s Fifth Avenue – Culinary Exotica

These mysterious “blind date spice envelopes” are a unique way to give a tasty gift. | Photo credit: Spencer Spotts
bucks fifth spice culinary exotica olympia
Use rose water in creamy mixes for a special delicious touch. | Photo credit: Spencer Spotts

This spice shop is tucked away next to Burial Grounds Coffee Shop, but don’t let the small size fool you. Buck’s Fifth Avenue – Culinary Exotica will captive you just by the smell when you walk in with their various spices, rubs and ingredients. For a fun Valentine’s Day gift, try their “Blind Date with a Spice” where you get an envelope with a spice and instructions on how to use it – but you won’t know what you got until you open it (plus they are only $2.00 each, so you can buy multiple and have a cuisine adventure on V-Day). Or, you can also try their rose water for a classic Valentine’s touch.

4Please the coffee-lover in your life at Batdorf & Bronson

Bring your Valentine a freshly bagged roast from Batdorf. | Photo credit: Spencer Spotts
batdorf bronson coffee olympia wa
The Clever Dripper will make mornings easier and tastier for coffee-lovers. | Photo credit: Spencer Spotts

One of the local favorite places for coffee, Batdorf & Bronson has multiple roasts, mugs, coffee accessories and more that would all make a great gift. If your Valentine has a knack for wanting to make the most delicious coffee, consider getting them the Clever Dripper. It will make a fantastic individual cup without too much hassle or clean-up. You can also stop in at Batdorf and Bronson on Valentine’s for their holiday special “Cupid’s con panna” beverage which includes espresso, dark chocolate, strawberry, raspberry and whipped cream – a perfect way to start your partner’s morning.

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