Submitted by Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

The Nisqually Indian Tribe is currently requesting grant proposals for salmon habitat restoration and protection projects in the Nisqually River watershed.

Up to $1.8 million in federal and state funds are available for on-the-ground habitat restoration projects, land acquisitions, or assessments that will lead to projects. The Nisqually Indian Tribe is the lead entity that coordinates the solicitation and ranking of projects for the Nisqually Watershed.

Total funding available for projects has not yet been determined by the state legislature.

Eligible project proposals will be ranked by the Nisqually River Council and submitted to the state Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) and the state legislature for funding consideration. Projects that match high priority actions and geographic areas in the Nisqually Watershed’s Salmon Recovery strategy will have the best chance of receiving a high ranking and funding.

Eligible applicants for funding include local governments, state agencies (with a local partner), conservation districts, tribes, non-profit organizations, special purpose districts, Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups, and private landowners.

Interested parties must submit a Letter of Intent to the Nisqually Indian Tribe’s Natural Resources Office by March 2, 2018 and completed applications are tentatively due August 9.

Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Ashley Von Essen, Lead Entity Coordinator for Nisqually Tribe Natural Resources at 360-456-5221 ext. 2145 or to get information about the Nisqually Salmon Recovery strategy and other application information.

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