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Lyndsay Morris, a former teacher and school counselor has taught educators all over the US how to increase compassion, focus and wellness in their classrooms. Now the Black Hills High School graduate is bringing her course home to Olympia on December 2 at Black Lake Elementary School.
Generation Wellness
Lynsday Morris, a Black Hills High School Graduate, working with a group of students. Photo credit: Jenna Karwoski

“We give teachers new techniques and self-care practices that promote wellness for them and their students to improve behavior and relationships in the classroom,” said Morris.

The one day event reveals the blueprint for teaching the power of connection to self, others and community through community-building activities, social/emotional learning and mindfulness practices. After providing a general overview of the latest research in neuroscience, stress, trauma, happiness and mindfulness, participants will engage in thoughtful discussion and learn hands-on, ready to implement lesson plans and activities to incorporate into their setting immediately, according to Morris.
Morris is the founder of Generation Wellness, the host of the Wellness Warriors Show and co-author of The Mindful Student and was the Outstanding Educator of the Year in 2011. Her mission- building strong hearts, minds and bodies. She’s on the road most days, but offers 2-3 events in Olympia, WA every year. The Olympia course provides six hours on continuing education credit for educators.
“Stress is seeping through the walls of our homes and schools, impacting not just students, but also staff. In fact, 50 percent of educators leave the profession within the first five years. To say we need a change, a renovation to meet the needs of staff and students, is an understatement,” said Morris.
Morris said that Generation Wellness is on a quest to change the current state of education in America, while creating happy, healthy, whole human beings. Lyndsay Morris and partner, Cre Dye, Ph.D have designed a curriculum that teaches the essential skills for students and staff to thrive in school and in life.
For more information or to enroll in the upcoming Olympia course, email info@generation-wellness.com or call 425-295-8811.
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