Submitted by Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy

Did you work in the yard too much or recently push and pull things that increased pain in the elbow?

Lateral epicondylitis is tennis elbow or overuse of the tendons that attach on the out part of your elbow that can become irritated from repeated keyboarding, yardwork, gripping or manipulating fine objects.

Things you can do to eliminate elbow pain from tendonitis:

  1. Use your hand and wrist in neutral when keyboarding or when gripping holding objects.  This will help decrease the strain along the wrist extensors and tendon that attach at the elbow.  If you have trouble with this a wrist brace often helps train your body how to move keeping your wrist in neutral.
  2. Ice the lateral elbow area using ice massage technique. Freeze water in a paper dixie cup and then peel some paper back and then hold the frozen cup and start massaging the ice on the outer elbow area for 4 min.  It is intense but brief!  It will calm down the inflammation and help immediately.  You may need to do this 3x a day depending on how painful and inflamed the area is.
  3. Physical therapy can help by using specific manual therapy techniques to stimulate the tendon to heal and cause increased strength of the type of collagen you need to have a strong tendon again.
  4. You need to know which exercises to do so you do not make your condition worse.  Physical therapy can help teach what angles to be at to use the tendon in the correct manner and not over strain the area.  We can answer questions like:  “should any of my exercises hurt?”
  5. Penrose Phyiscal Therapy Kinesiotaping elbow
    Kinesiotaping can help alleviate pain related to overuse. Photo courtesy: Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy

    Using KT tape can make a huge difference to helping you still do what you need to do with some support but yet allow movement.  We can teach you how to tape it and try different techniques if you have not found a successful method of taping.  Taping can be an art form!

Please feel free to contact us at if you have specific questions.  We exist to help people in Lacey and the surrounding areas get stronger and more confident in returning to the things they love.

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